Escape Rooms Stag Do in Valencia

Escape Rooms Challenge
  • Escape Rooms Challenge
  • Escape Rooms Experience
  • £31.50

Activity Details

  • Can you escape?
  • Solves puzzles & riddles
  • Time pressure
  • Locked in a themed room

A unique daytime experience, the Escape Rooms stag do in Valencia is a mind bending session that all the guys can get stuck into. See how well your groom to be and his pals can work together under pressure as everyone try to solve puzzles to escape. Your group will race against the clock to crack riddles and find codes in a themed room in the centre of the city, attempting to escape the room before the time runs out and you’re trapped forever.

What’s Included

  • Crack clues, puzzles and challenges to escape
  • Work together to solve everything
  • 1 hour escape room
  • 18 people maximum over multiple rooms
  • Located in central Valencia


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