Electric Shock Football for Groups in Cardiff

Electric Shock Football
  • £33.00

Activity Details

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Electric shock each other
  • Hilarious fun
  • Venue hire included

What’s Included

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Play electric shock football games
  • Includes 10 shock devices, bibs and footballs
  • Very funny activity
  • Variety of mini games
  • Two players from each 5 a side team are in charge of the devices
  • Everyone rotates to take a turn at shocking each other
  • Includes an event co-ordinator
  • Bottle of bubbly for winning team

Head to the capital of the Valleys for a birthday party experience you’ll never forget. Cardiff is a great place to celebrate your unique birthday party. It’s a city full of things to see and do, one of which is the amazing Cardiff electric shock football birthday party.

The Cardiff electric shock football birthday party is a hilarious and unique birthday party activity. It’s a normal game of 5-a-side football but with a single twist that changes the whole game entirely. Every player on the pitch has a buzzer strapped to them. Sitting aside will be two players from either team with remote control in hand, ready to shock any poor player at a moment’s notice, which can be rather distracting during a footy game to say the least! The result is some seriously chaotic fun as player’s legs suddenly turn to jelly left and right!

Anybody on the pitch could get shocked at any point, including the ref! The shockers are in complete control of the match but don’t worry; The shockers and the players move in rotation throughout the day, so you’ll get your chance for revenge soon enough! As well as the main game of 5-a-side you’ll also get to play a few fun mini-games which add some extra fun and variety to the day.

The event is fully co-ordinated and the venue hire is included, saving you hassle and letting you focus on the fun stuff instead.It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, anyone and everyone will enjoy the Cardiff electric shock football birthday party Everyone’s on an equal ground when there’s a buzzer stuck to them, meaning anyone and everyone can jump into this fantastic birthday party experience.The winning team even gets to take home a lovely bottle of bubbly to celebrate their victory with.

For a fun-filled, hilarious and unique birthday party experience, it doesn’t get any better than the Cardiff electric shock birthday party!


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