Dwarf Hire Stag Do in Marbella

Dwarf Stag Do
  • £435.00

Activity Details

  • Ultimate Prank
  • An hour of laughs
  • Dwarf pal
  • Quirky fun

Prank the groom with an hilarious twist with the dwarf hire stag do in Marbella. Perfect for arranging as after-dinner entertainment, the groom will likely be expecting a sexy stripper to turn up and treat you all to a show, so he’ll never expect who will appear in her place! They will stick with the group for an hour of side-splitting hilarity and laughter before you carry on with your night. Trust us, this is an experience none of you will forget any time soon!

What’s Included

  • Ultimate Prank
  • After dinner entertainment
  • Something Different for your group
  • Outfits are request-only


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