Dance Class Ideas Team Building in Essex

Dance Classes Team Building Essex
  • Dance Classes Team Building Essex
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  • Team Building Events Dance Classes

Activity Details

  • Encourages team interaction
  • City centre private venues
  • Builds confidence
  • Experience dance instructors

What’s Included

  • Teams will receive an intro­duc­tion to the dance class by their instructor
  • Participate in a fun warm up before the dancing begins
  • An experienced instructor will teach you a fully chore­og­raphed routine
  • Interact with each other in a way that wouldn’t happen in a normal work environment
  • Learn and rehearse the dance moves as you go
  • Work together in a positive non-working atmosphere
  • Teams will build confidence and improve commu­nica­tion
  • Private room in a city centre venue

A Essex dance class team building event is a great way to break the ice between work colleagues as you interact with each other in a friendlier and informal way, and build new relati­on­ships. These dance classes aim to build confidence and improve commu­nica­tion between the team which is guaranteed to improve the atmosphere in the workplace and boost team produc­tivity!

During a team building dance class you will learn and rehearse a fully chore­og­raphed routine from an experienced instructor which will all be put together for the final perfor­mance. On the day, travel to a Essex city centre venue and let your instructor tailor a routine to suit your team’s ability so everyone can fully enjoy this activity. We recommend that you wear something comfortable to your themed team building dance class in Essex,­ such as trainers and gym wear as you will be moving around, but you are welcome to dress up to match the dance theme you have chosen!

Some popular dance themes we offer are below:

  • 80’s Dance
  • 1920’s Dance
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Cheer­le­ading Dance
  • Dirty Dancing Dance
  • Grease Dance
  • Salsa Dance
  • Strictly Dance
  • 90’s Dance
  • ABBA Dance
  • Can Can Dance
  • Chicago Dance
  • GLEE Dance
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance
  • Spice Girls Dance
  • Thriller Dance


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