Clays, Driving, Buggies & Football Stag Party in Bournemouth

By booking these great action stag activities in Bournemouth together you'll benefit from great value as well as a superb planned day.

This Stag Do Bundle includes:

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Blindfold 4x4 Driving
  • Off Road Buggies
  • Giant Human Table Football


Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Activity
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Event
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Party
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Stag Do

Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Have a go at clay shooting
  • Learn how to hold a shotgun properly
  • Shoot a 12 gauge double barrelled shotgun
  • Receive expert one to one coaching
  • 18 shots each
  • Range of simulated targets from automatic traps
  • Friendly competition between the group
  • Upgrade to 30 shots for an extra £10pp


  • Shoot using shotguns
  • Expert Tuition
  • One to one coaching
  • Friendly shooting competition
Blindfold 4x4 Driving Activity
  • Blindfold 4x4 Driving Activity
  • Blindfold 4x4 Driving Stag Do
  • Blindfold 4x4 Driving Challenge

Blindfold 4x4 Driving

  • Receive a safety briefing
  • Unique event, as your driving blindfolded
  • You’ll be driving a 4x4 off road vehicle
  • An instructor will be in the passenger seat
  • 1 of the group in the driving seat and 4 to 6 of the stags navigating from the back seat
  • Everyone will have a go at tackling the course blindfolded
  • When not driving, guests will be giving instructions to the driver
  • This event is against the clock and each person will receive a lap time
  • All equipment is provided
  • Event supervisor is on hand to offer assistance
  • At least 50% of the group must be able to drive


  • Steer Blindfolded
  • Real team event
  • Drive a 3 ½ tonne 4x4
  • Challenging and great fun
Off Road Buggies
  • Off Road Buggies
  • Off Road Buggies Event
  • Off Road Buggies Party

Off Road Buggies

  • Receive a safety briefing
  • Followed by a demonstration
  • Depending on group size - 2 rage buggies (630cc engine) on the track
  • The 2 buggy course is around 400m long
  • 10 minutes on track driving time each
  • Then it’s time to get racing
  • No overtaking policy
  • Practice and timed competition
  • No driving license is required but drivers must be 18 and over
  • Upgrade to 15 minutes track time for an extra £12pp


  • Powerful rage buggies
  • Adrenaline driving
  • 630cc engines
  • Professional instructors
Human Table Football
  • Human Table Football
  • Human Table Football Activity
  • Human Table Football Event
  • Human Table Football Experience
  • Human Table Football Stag Do

Giant Human Table Football

  • Meet your match referee who will explain the rules
  • Form some teams
  • Giant inflatable human table football pitch
  • Everyone strap in
  • Players are attached to a movable bar allowing them to move sideways just like table football
  • Time for the fun and games to commence


  • Become table football players
  • Inflatable football pitch
  • Referee included
  • Crazy fun


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