Beer Bike Stag Do in Berlin

Beer Bike
  • Beer Bike
  • Beer Bike Activity
  • Beer Bike Experience
  • £595.50

Activity Details

  • Very popular with stag groups
  • 20l of beer
  • 15 people on one bike
  • Loads of mobile banter!

A stag weekend wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t for the beer bike stag do in Berlin! It’s a stag do must, what could be better than going around the city with all the lads on a huge bike. It’s a great way to see all of the sights that Berlin has to offer. Up to 15 people fit on a bike along with 20 litres of beer, and a 2 hour long rental with the beer bike. Which means you and your group have 2 hours to drink 20 litres of beer as well as cycling around. Sounds like a brilliant activity to us!

What’s Included

  • Boozy beer bike with the lads!
  • Guzzle 20 litres of beer
  • 2 hour tour
  • Stops on the way
  • Maximum 15 people on bike


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