Beach Sports for Groups in Bournemouth

Beach Sports

Activity Details

  • Exciting beach games
  • Indoor beach arena
  • Unique experience
  • Variety of mini games

If you’re looking for some seaside style fun, then jump into our fantastic beach sports for groups in Bournemouth. An energetic day that will be enjoyed by all types of groups, this isn’t an opportunity to be missed. If you have a competitive flare, then make sure to bring your best shots to avoid those pesky forfeits! You’re guaranteed plenty of giggles here as you take party in a selection of fun beach games and with a top indoor beach arena to top it all off, what more could you possibly want?

What’s Included

  • All equipment is provided
  • Events Co-ordinator
  • Venue hire is included
  • Forfeit sheet to take away
  • Prizes for the winners
  • Played on sandy arena
  • Variety of mini games played

The beach sports for groups in Bournemouth is unlike any other activity and will be totally organised and refereed by your very own events co-ordinator. When you arrive, they will go through a quick safety briefing and show you the basics of a classic Volleyball game. Once everyone is settled and ready to get a little competitive, split into a few teams depending on your group size, pull on your team bibs and get ready for an adrenaline pumping game. You’ll also get to play some mini games including Goggle Races and The Crossbar Challenge.


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