Archery Tag Stag Do in Amsterdam

Archery Tag
  • £47.50

Activity Details

  • Bow hunting session
  • Variety of games
  • Bow and arrow fun
  • Transfers available

If you loved playing dodgeball in school, then you and the lads are bound to love an archery tag stag do in Amsterdam! With the rules of the classic playground game, the balls are replaced by a bow and arrow. Each team member will receive a bow and a set of foam-tipped arrows before kicking off the activity. Your trained instructor will be there to guide the session as you compete for glory by running, ducking, dodging and diving your way around enemy fire!

What’s Included

  • One hour bow hunting session
  • All gear provided on the day
  • Several games to play
  • Mix of paintball, laser tag and dodgeball
  • Need transfers? – contact us for further details


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