Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar Hen Party in Brighton

Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar
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  • £50.00

Activity Details

  • Prison style bar
  • Immersive experience
  • Boiler prison suits
  • Expert cocktail mixologists

What’s Included in the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar Hen Party in Brighton?

Your group will enjoy an immersive experience in a movie-like prison set as you try to smuggle boozy contraband passed the hawkeyed Warden. During the Brighton Alcotraz prison cocktail bar experience, you convicted inmates will try to smuggle in bottles of liquor into Cell Block Three to join the notorious bootlegging gang and survive the seafront penitentiary. Change into your orange jumpsuit and use the crooked guards to help you find the perfect hiding spot for your alcohol! Be creative with your liquor choice as everything will be used to create and serve bespoke cocktails behind the Warden’s back.

What’s Included

  • Become a bootlegger in this immersive prison cocktail bar
  • Movie-like prison set by the water
  • Arrive with your own liquor
  • Smuggle booze passed the Warden
  • Change into orange jumpsuits
  • 4 bespoke cocktails each
  • We recommend bringing a bottle of 70cl between 3-4 inmates – vodka, rum, gin are great options
  • All glassware, mixers & garnishes included
  • Includes talented actors
  • Cloak area for belongings or take your bags in with you
  • Central bars

What Do We Need for the Brighton Alcotraz Cocktail Bar Experience?

Everything is provided behind bars besides the booze and you can choose any liquor you fancy to smuggle into the experience. Everything else will be given including all the mixers, glassware and soft drinks. The resident mixologists will use your liquor to create bespoke cocktails to suit each guests’ tastes during the event.

What Liquor Shall We Bring for the Alcotraz Prison Event in Brighton?

For the best drink versatility, we would recommend your standard 70cl bottle of spirits such as vodka, gin or rum. We suggest bringing along one bottle of 70cl between each 3-4 inmates so there’s plenty to go around.

History of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay

If you don’t know already, Alcatraz Island became a notorious federal prison during the years 1934 to 1963 whilst it was operating. The prison was known for being uniquely harsh due to the surrounding waters of San Francisco Bay and bad weather. This maximum-security penitentiary housed notorious criminals such as “Scarface” aka Al Capone and Robert ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’ Stroud just to name a few.

Alcatraz Island is also known as The Rock because no inmate ever successfully escaped – but not without trying! One of the most famous escape cases was in 1962 when three inmates broke from their cells and escaped into the water. Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin managed disappeared into the water and were presumed drowned after fleeing the island.


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