Wo-Man Vs Food Challenge Hen Party in Leeds

Wo-Man Vs Food Challenge
  • Wo-Man Vs Food Challenge
  • Wo-man Vs Food Experience
  • Wo-Man Vs Food Challenge Activity
  • £15.00

Activity Details

  • Three different food challenges (Done)
  • Countdown clock
  • Can you beat the challenge!
  • Burger, Wings or Hotdog

If you’re in search of something a little different, look no further than this wo-man vs food challenge hen party in Leeds. This activity is exactly what it says on the tin, a hearty eating challenge that your bride to be must take on in order to be the champion! If your budding bride is a big fan of all things foodie, or you just want a laugh with the girls as you sip on a few drinks and watch your hen tackle a pile full of food, this ridiculous little challenge will be right up your street.

What’s Included

  • The hen takes on the Wo-Man vs Food Challenge
  • Choose your eating challenge from
  • Metre long Hotdog challenge - 4 smoked hotdogs, tomato, red onion, cheese, ketchup and mustard all in a 1 metre baguette with fries.
  • Chicken Wings - 2kg chicken wings cooked in our competition hot sauce with Chinese fries and a sprinkle of spring onion
  • Burger Stack - 2 burgers, each with 5 beef patties, tomato, red onion, Emmental and tex mex cheese, jalapenos, onion rings and fries with our “­Competition” hot sauce
  • The rest of the group will receive a hotdog with fries & 1 drink each
  • However, they can upgrade and take the Wo-man vs Food challenge as well – ask for details & prices

As well as being utterly scrumptious, the wo-man vs food hen party (see what we did there?) can be tailored to the tastes of your hen. Your budding bride gets the choice of four different challenges, all with unique hurdles she must overcome in order to beat the food and become the champion. From a metre-long hotdog plus fries, to fiery hot wings that might just blow your eyebrows off, she can choose which challenge she’d like to face while celebrating the hen weekend. Once one has been selected, like the battle commence!

Well your hen tackles the wo-man vs food challenge hen party, the rest of you girls can tuck into a round of hotdogs, fries and a cheeky drink to toast to the occasion. Of course, if you’re feeling brave why not upgrade to the wo-man vs food as well and join your hen? While you chow down on your dinner, make sure to cheer your bride to be on while she takes on the challenge. So let’s get this straight, a totally organised and laid-back experience, that all the girls can get involved in if they like, and an abundance of delicious foods to keep you going all through the hen weekend? We can’t say it gets much better, ladies.


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