Winter Team Building Suggestions

Winter Team Building 2018

Some team building events take a few months of planning so if you are starting to organise yourself for planning an event it will more than likely be for the winter.

As soon as winter hits, everybody retreats indoors, never wanting to get out of bed in the morning and counting down the hours till you can go back home in the day. But the nights in don’t always have to be quiet, and team building doesn’t stop for the cold weather, we just simply move it all inside.

So remove the winter gloom from your employees heads and organise a team building experience indoors during the colder months! We have a huge variety of activities that can be booked no matter what the weather is and here are some of our favourites…

Pizza Making

Pizza Making

Everybody loves food and nothing gets people in a good mood than some delicious food so the Pizza Making Team Building Activity will be perfect! Because let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to be a Pizzaiola Chef? Push aside all of the difficult assault courses and generic office team building games and get your team stuck into an experience that will make a difference.

We also have virtual team building ideas that would be perfect for teams during the winter months.

Cocktail Making

Sometimes all you need to bring the team together is to have a laugh, and sometimes for that to happen you first need some alcohol. Thanks to the Cocktail Making Team Building Activity you can get exactly that. Learn how to make cocktails like all of the profes­si­onals as well as enjoying some delicious sharer food platters in this fabulous 90-minute event.

Pub Olympics

Pub Olympics

Bring up the team spirit by throwing them into some competitive activities with the Pub Olympics Team Building Activitywhere your team can dive right into some games that everyone will love. each games lasts from 10-25 minutes and the winning team from each game will be rewarded with fun money and then at the end the team with the most money will be declared the winners!

Escape Rooms

The Escape Rooms Team Building Activity is a fun and effective way to engage your team in a team bonding experience. It will test their logic, maths, commu­nica­tion, common sense and general team work skills in the space of 60 minutes. To give you a general idea of the activity you are trapped in a room with only 60 minutes to figure out clues and solve puzzles to escape.

And there is no such thing as planning too early and we aren't going to stop you! In fact we have plenty of team building ideas and team building activities to get you started with your planning.

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