Hen Party Organisers?

Why Should You Use Hen Party Organisers?We know what you’re thinking. Telling people to use hen part organisers is just the kind of thing a hen party organiser would do! It’s true, we are hen party organisers but here us out. You don’t need us to tell you that hen party planning can be a tremendously stressful affair, and we can help you out with that. It is our job after all!

You know when the dishwasher or the washing machine breaks or whatever and your husband/­boyfriend swears he can fix it himself, that there’s no need to waste money on a professional and that he totally knows what he’s doing? And he doesn’t? At all? And then after a few hours of bashing said machine with a hammer and lots of profanity he finally gives in and admits he should’ve just called a someone? Hen party planning can be a bit like that sometimes. There’s no shame in saving yourself the stress and letting someone else take care of it all. God knows we’ve all got enough going on as it is, especially if you’re the bride! We on the other hand, have no problem setting you up with an amazing hen do. We know what we’re doing (honest).

Why Should You Use Hen Party OrganisersWe also know how to make your precious time as a blushing bachelorette really count. We know all the best hen party cities on this damp little island we call home and we know all the most amazing activities for any kind of girl.­ Booking with us is a breeze. All you need to do is choose an activity or package you like, choose a location, fill in a short enquiry form and hey presto. We’ll get back to you in no time at all and before you know it you’ll be well on your way to one hell of a hen do.

Plus, our website has features like the My Events VIP Area, which makes hen party planning way easier. With features like individual payments, group emails, a group live chat and invitations linking your friends directly to us, the My Events VIP Area is an invaluable tool for hassle free orga­nisa­tion.

So save yourself the stress, not to mention your money, by booking a hen party with us. Call us on 0161 341 0052 and enquire today, or check our website. Whether you choose to book with us or not, we sincerely wish you a very happy hen party!

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