Staff Retention - Why Are Businesses Using Team Building Activities?

Why Are Businesses Using Team Building Activities to Increase Staff Retention?

If you aren’t measuring your staff retention and turnover, then you may not be aware of it but we are sure every business could do with increasing their staff retention.

Staff retention is a vital part of any business, for many reasons. In a time where a person can go through 15-20 different jobs during their career, retaining key staff members and keeping employees happy in their work is something every boss should be thinking about. If you are having a high amount of your staff leaving voluntarily throughout each year, then it can lead to a variety of different problems which ultimately is bad for the business. Which is why staff retentions so important!

With an increasingly competitive business environment around you every day there will always be high demand for the top talent and if you feel like you could have the best of the bunch in your team then you will obviously want to keep tight hold of them! A great way of doing this is by hosting team building days and team building activities for your team to get involved in.

See our team building activities for some inspiration!

Team building is great for a variety of reasons and over the past years, businesses have been using it more and more to simply increase their staff retention. And there are a number of reasons why this method works so well.

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Firstly, it boosts your staff’s morale. Happiness in their jobs is probably the most important thing, what type of life do you have if you hate the work you do? So team building events are great for making your staff a lot more comfortable in their surroundings by simply having fun and relaxing with all of their colleagues. If they are rewarded for their hard work rather than taken advantage of for it then it will give them the feeling of being valued within the company which again increases employee engagement.

It is also great for encouraging communication between colleagues, this helps them get to know each other better and get to know others in the business that they may not have spoken to before. There are always going to be conflicting personalities and interests between colleagues, and team building is a great way of finding common grounds and focusing and building on them. There is nothing worse than being in a working environment where not feeling comfortable with everyone.

Feeling inspired? Have a look at some of our team building videos.

Your team building events will also boost the productivity of your staff. Boosting the productivity of your staff is an obvious win, as this leads to better results and work being produced by them. This will also strengthen your staff’s commitment to their role within the business as it will give them a sense of pride in what they do.

And finally always think about the budget you are giving for a team building activity, you may be spending a substantial amount towards events and activities but it will benefit you as you will save your money on recruiting new staff and training them up. By doing this it can also help you in regards to attracting potential new employees. There is nothing better than being the business that everyone wants to work for right? And by increasing your staff retention through team building activities it will lead to your staff wanting to express how good it is working where they do.

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