Staff Retention | 6 Benefits That Team Building Provides

Why Are Businesses Using Team Building Activities to Increase Staff Retention?

If you aren’t measuring your staff retention and turnover, then you may not be aware of it but we are sure every business could do with increasing their staff retention.

Staff retention is a vital part of any business. In a time where a person can go through 15-20 different jobs during their career, retaining key staff members and keeping employees happy in their work is something employers should think about. If a high amount of your staff leaves regularly, then it can lead to a variety of different problems. This is why staff retention is so important! Another great way to keep staff retention is with virtual team building ideas like virtual escape rooms, virtual cocktail making and virtual murder mystery.

The Benefits of Retaining Staff With Team Building

With an increasingly competitive business environment around you every day, there will always be high demand for the top talent. If you feel like you could have the best of the bunch in your team, then you will obviously want to keep tight hold of them! A great way of doing this is by hosting team building days and team building activities for your team to get involved in which are available anywhere across the UK.

Saving Money

Retaining an employee is far more cost effective than hiring someone new. Not only will they have the skills your company needs, they have valuable knowledge of your business and you don't have to utilise the time and costs of training up a new employee.

Saving Time

If someone who is valuable leaves the business, their replacement won't have the knowledge and insight on the operation of the company. It'll take time for them to fit into their role, learn how the business works and create strong relati­on­ships with fellow colleagues.

Attracting New Employees

Knowing existing employees wake up happy each day and enjoy their work throughout the week will help entice new talent to the team in the future which can save time and effort recruiting. The more popular you are, the healthier the perception people have on your business.

A Good Reputation

People who love working for your company will spread the word so others will have a positive perception of your company. This can strenghten your brand and attract more customers to use your services and/or employees to recruit to further grow your company.

Other Reasons Why Companies Do Team Building Events

Other than retaining staff, Team Building is also great for improving commu­nica­tion between colleagues and therefore streng­thening their relati­on­ships with one another. There's always going to be conflicting perso­nali­ties and interests in a team but team building is a great way of finding common grounds.­ There is nothing worse than being in a working environment where not feeling comfortable with everyone.

Team building events will also boost the productivity of your staff. Boosting the productivity of your staff is an obvious win, as this leads to better results and work quality being produced by them.­ This will also strengthen your staff’s commitment to their role within the business as it will give them a sense of pride in what they do.

Yes, you may be spending a substantial amount towards the events and activities but you will save money in the long run. By doing a team building event, not only are you keeping your existing staff happy, but it will also help you attracting potential new employees.

There is nothing better than being the business that everyone wants to work for. By having team building activities for staff retention, your staff will be wanting to express how good it is working where they do.

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Top Indoor & Outdoor Team Events

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt 

Travel from pub to pub as part of a head-to-head challenge filled with fun trivia.

Pub Olympics

A selection of the mini games everyone loves from Table Tennis all the way to Giant Jenga or Snakes & Ladders.

Battle of Olympus

The ancient sports event on a little less grand scale has you battling it out in several fun physical games.

Old School Sports Day

It's back to school with races consisting of bean bags, eggs and spoons and skipping to name a few!

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