Who Should Plan the Stag Do?

Who's Planning Your Stag Do?Planning a stag do is a big respon­sibility. You need to make sure you’ve got the right man for the job. But who is the right man, The Best Man or the Groom to Be? It’s a big question with no right or wrong answer, but here are some important things to consider when planning a wicked stag do.

Firstly when asking the question of who should plan the stag do, the groom should never plan his own stag do. He’s already got enough to worry about with organising the wedding so this is the last thing he needs. Not to mention he’ll feel the need to hold back and refrain from going crazy on the night, else he should feel the wrath of an unhappy fiancé!

Instead, a friend should take respon­sibility for the night, allowing the groom to rest easy and enjoy himself without worrying about what his soon-to-be-wife will think when she finds out about the stripper in the cake. Plus, it’s going to be pretty hard to surprise the groom with anything if he’s the one in charge of it all! That being said, if for whatever reason the groom wishes to be in control then you should respect that. He’s the reason you’re doing all this in the first place after all.

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So it's not gonna be the groom that's for sure. But that still leaves the question of who should plan the stag do. Well there’s no rule saying it should be all up to one person. A stag do is a team effort, both in planning and in execution. Every team needs a leader though, and who better than the best man himself. As the grooms best friend, he knows better than anyone what he likes and dislikes and this will allow him to confidently plan a stag do that the groom will never forget. Just remember best man: You’re a leader, not a dictator. Listen to the rest of the lads, acknowledge their ideas and input. You want everyone to have a great night and that’s not going to happen if you don’t listen to your mates.

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