What to Include in Your Stag Weekend?

What to Include in Your Stag Weekend

So now is the time to start arranging what to include in your stag weekend, you’ve got the location but what about the activities?

You want to make sure the stag has a truly amazing time no matter how the weekend pans out, but don’t leave everything to chance. Especially since there are so many amazing choices for activities and experiences why would you? By adding at least one activity to your stag weekend you will be ensuring it will be a totally unique experience that the soon to be wed will definitely appreciate!

So now we bet you are wondering what activities are on offer, well keep on reading as we are about to list some of the best stag do activities that will be perfect for any stag weekend!

Bubble Football 

Okay lads get ready to enter the world of crazy football carnage. The Bubble Football stag do is a great way to have a laugh during the weekend as well as trying something completely different. Of course from the name of this activity we are sure you understand this is not a normal game of football, you and the lads will be inside huge inflatable bubble suits as you try and claim victory.


Now this one is a classic, if the thought of a Paintballing stag do hasn’t gone through your mind then what are you doing? Whether the groom is looking for some friendly competition and adrenaline or not he will for sure be happy when he realises that you are all getting involved in the battle of paintballing.

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Known as the best stag do bar crawl ever, the Beer Babes Bar Crawl stag do is the perfect night time activity that will celebrate the soon to be weds final single days the right way. And if you haven’t gathered what this experience entails, you will be greeted by the beer babes who will be wearing beer maid outfits and will take you on a bar crawl.

Nude Life Drawing

Have you ever wondered what it felt like being Jack on the Titanic as he draws Rose like one of his French girls? Well now you can experience it with the Nude Life Drawing stag do. You don’t have to be the next Picasso for this activity either, it will be a laugh and a totally new experience that you and the lads can enjoy together.

Bierkeller Show

If you and the lads aim to get drunk at some point during the weekend, then the Bierkeller Showstag do is the perfect way to start the evening. Enjoy a stein of beer and some large pretzels whilst watching a live performance from the Bavarian Stompers. It is an overall great experience that will put you all in a great mood.

Archery Battle Zone Tag

Now this is a new activity to hit the stag do scene but has become just as popular as the rest. The Archery Battle Zone Tag stag do is a great way to add some adrenaline into the weekend, especially if you are after a mix of dodgeball and archery! And the best thing about this is that everyone can have a laugh with a little bit of friendly competition thrown in for good measure.

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