What Type of Hen Are You?

What Kind of Bride Are You?It should go without saying that the hen party is all about the bride. Therefore, the hen party activities should reflect what kind of girl she really is, whether she’s a party animal or a quiet stay-at-home type. Luckily, there’s hen party ideas to suit both of these preferences and many more.

If you’re the kind of bride looking for the traditional hen party affair of going on a wild night out, then we’ve got plenty of ways to make your hen night an unfor­get­table roller-coaster ride. Sure, you could stand in ques out in the cold waiting to get into the club, or you could live like a VIP for a day and get exclusive entry and private booths in a number of wicked clubs all over the UK.  You can treat yourself to the magic mike experience with a red hot Dreamboys show, and we promise there is no better way to prink than with a cocktail making class. You can see each and every one of our incredible nightlife activities here.

If you’re at the opposite end of the hen party spectrum then no worries, we’ve got plenty of chilled out and creative hen party activities for you and your friends to enjoy together. We have a variety of mobile activities where you can make lots of different stuff at home, from bunting and flower crowns, to knickers and nipple tassels! You take a gander at all of our creative and relaxed activities right here.

If you’re the sporty, outgoing type then read on. We’ve got loads of action & outdoor activities for you to get stuck into. There’s the ridiculous, hilarious and casual fun of Zorb Bubble Games and Disco Dodgeball. On the other side of the coin, you’ve got the thrilling intensity of Paintballing and Off-Road Buggies. Once again, you can check out all our action-packed activities right here.

So no matter what kind of girl you are, no matter what you’re looking for in your hen party experience, we guarantee we’ll have hen party ideas to suit you. There’s no right way to celebrate your hen party, there’s just your way.

Happy Henning!  

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