Is Team Building Effective?

What is Team Building

"The action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team."

Now that is the formal definition of what team building stands for, but what exactly is it? When someone says team building exercise you probably think of things like falling back and trusting that you will have someone else there to catch you but team building can be much more fun and effective than that.

What is Team Building - Battle of Olympus

It doesn’t even have to be a challenge. Don’t get us wrong, challenging your team can be a very effective method of team building if you do it right but team building is more than just developing work skills.

It’s also boosting morale and rewarding your employees when they deserve it. And however you decide to do it, it is important to turn your group of individual employees into a cohesive and effective group.

Think about this, you and the team have had quite a trying time at the office. We all have bad days now and then, but this was different.

Suddenly business wasn’t booming like it was before and this took a noticeable toll on the team’s morale. Somehow though, through hard work and preservation, the team managed to claw their way back and restore the business to what it was. Hurray!

Top 4 Indoor Team Events

Pizza Making - Bring the team together with an experience that they will all love. Make your own personalised pizza in a city centre venue.

Crystal Collection - Work together and try your luck in a variety of different tasks and challenges in this unique team building activity.

Stop the Clocks - Work in smaller teams to try and race against the clocks in an effective and highly competitive team experience.

Retro Showdown - Have fun as you get invovled in a variety of different retro games with your team. This is a fully managed event.

What is Team Building? - Goofy Games

Times like that are the perfect opportunity to show some appreciation for your employees by treating them to a meal out or an evening cocktail making.

Team building is also about streng­thening your team’s bond with each other, not just with you, the boss. A dinner or a cocktail making evening is great for this too but a more challenging activity forces employees to really engage with one another.

Activities like escape rooms are particularly good at this, requiring players to think together, support one another and use their heads in order to escape in time. Likewise, activities like paintball force employees to communicate more effectively and think carefully under pressure so they can make sensible decisions quickly.

4 Outdoor Team Activities

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt - Explore your way around your chosen city as you work in teams to answer questions and complete tasks.

It's a Knockout - A fun filled day that your whole team can get involved in. Wet, wild and wacky, bring out the friendly competition within you all!

Wacky Wheels - Work together and build and race your own car in different head to head races. Perfect for encouraging team bonding.

Battle of Olympus - Inspired by the Olympic games, you and your team will go head to head in different games and challenges.

Luckily you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing team building ideas. You’ll easily be able to find something for a happier and productive team from our 100+ team building activities!

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