Most Effective Group Activities

Before embarking on a teambuilding activity you need to consider exactly what it is you want to develop or improveWhat Group Activities Are Right for YOUR Team? in your employees. All of our team building activities are highly effective but they’re not all effective in the same ways. Just like your employees, each of them have different strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to recognise what they are. Once you've done that, it's time to take a look at some team building ideas...

The smartphone city treasure hunt is a very fun and very effective teambuilding day out that costs next to nothing. All you need is two teams with a phone or tablet each with the treasure hunt app downloaded on it. It’s a self-lead activity so you can start whenever you want to. The two teams will split up and unlock challenges, quizzes and clues that are activated by GPS as they make their way around the city. It’s a great activity for streng­thening team bonds through teamwork and problem solving. It’s also a bit of healthy competition between teams since they can message each other and see each other scores live.

Wacky Wheels is fun and unique team building activity that’ll test your team in a variety of ways. It’s a great activity to test & improve your employee’s ingenuity and creativity. The task is, put simply, to create a kart. Your team will be split into two. Each will be assigned a budget and some initial tools and equipment but your employees will have to exercise their bartering skills at the parts shop for anything else. Your team will have to manage their budget carefully if they hope to enter the race!

Maybe you just want to treat your team for a job well done. Maybe you’re celebrating your Christmas party with a night out or maybe you want a new team to get to know each other. Whatever it is, cocktail making is a fantastic way for a team to socialise while enjoying a few drinks. You and your team will get to make your very own cocktails exactly how you like them, all with the help of an experienced bartender. Held in city centre bars, you’ll get your own private booths to enjoy your drinks in!

Whatever you’re looking for in your team, we have plenty of brilliant team building activities for you and your team to try. Call us on 0161 341 0052 for more information. 

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