A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Hair

A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Hair

Believe it or not, deciding on your wedding hair is almost just as important as picking your wedding dress!

But where to start? With all of the plans well underway we’re sure that your bridal hairstyle has slowly made its way to the bottom of your to-do list. And that is why we’re here, to make sure your do isn’t left to the last minute and start prepping early with these helpful tips! We’ve collected our own advice talking to passed brides, plus a bunch of bridal hairstyles for the wedding that you could trial to find your perfect do.

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What shall I do for my wedding hair?

Before diving into the numerous ways you can do your hair, it might be an idea to scope out some advice for bride hair. There’s a couple of factors to consider to narrow down your options and make sure your bride hair looks beautiful with your dress, style and surroundings. Striking a balance between looking amazing and feeling comfortable is the perfect in between when thinking about your hairdo for the big day.

Think About Your Dress

Think About Your Dress

The dress is probably one of the very first things that you sort out so the style of your dress will play a big part in what type of bridal hairstyle you decide on. Think about the neckline of your dress and whether your hair down will cover too much, or whether your hair up may add something to your dress.

Consider Your Venue

Consider Your Venue

Your venue plays a vital part in what type of bride hair you’ll choose. Whether you are in an upscale hotel or a gorgeous manor house. If you are outside you might opt for having a wedding updo or pinned back so that photograph opportunities are easy. And if you are inside then of course anything really goes.

This is also relevant to what season you’re tying the knot in. Are you having a summery celebration? Maybe a long, down bridal hairstyle with florals would fit the bill. If you’re getting married in the colder months, having your hair down with a cover-up will add beautiful layers. For more hairstyle and other ideas, see our full Winter Wedding Guide.

Try Out Different Looks

Try Out Different Looks

Never rule anything out because it may be the hairstyle you hated that you end up loving. It is important to experiment with a wedding updos and down styles before you have your heart set on anything. We advise having a browse through Pinterest or just online and create your own mood board full of ideas and inspiration. Also, remember that whatever you try for yourself will probably look better if done by a professional on the big day!

Have A Hair Trial

Have a Hair Trial

It is very important to make sure you have at least one wedding hair trial before the big day, just so that you can double check the look you are going for is definitely the one and if not then it is fine as you have time to change it. it is also the best way to ensure nothing goes wrong with your hair on the day as you have had time to think through and fix any issues.

Popular Bride Hairstyles

A lot of the time, brides tend to stray away from their staple hairstyles to feel special for their big day. Ranging from half up half down wedding hair to simple, down hairstyles for the wedding, there’s a style for everyone to choose from. We’ve popped a few of the most popular bride hairstyles down below, plucked straight from popular wedding accounts on Instagram.

1. Simple Curly Down Do


A post shared by The Wedding Hair Company (@theweddinghaircompany)

2. Low Chignon


A post shared by Be You-nique (@_beyou.nique_)

3. Halo Braids


A post shared by Artistry by Victoria (@artistrybyvictoria)

4. Statement Slide


A post shared by Dareth Colburn (@darethcolburndesigns)

5. Perfect Ponytail


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6. Creative Canerows/­Cornrows


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7. Vintage Hair Piece


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8. Messy Updo


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9. Twisted Updo


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10. Floral Finish


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Accessories for All Bridal Hair Ideas

It’s commonplace to add a bit of sparkle, metal or even your special something blue to your bride hair with a keepsake accessory. We’ve found some stunning hair accessories that would match a variety of different bride styles, from subtle to glitz and glam.

Forehead Jewellery - £117.43

Wedding Hair - Forehead Jewellery

Bridal Hair Crystal Comb - £30.89

Bridal Hair Piece - Vumari

Budget-Friendly Bridal Clips  - £6.50

Wedding Hair - Bridal Clips

Wedding Eucalyptus Comb - £26.87

Wedding Hair - Eucalyptus Comb

Modern Gold Comb - £62

Wedding Hair - Modern Gold Comb

Pearl & Crystal Bridal Tiara - £89.42

Wedding Hair - Pearl & Crystal Tiara

Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Your hair length can contribute to which type of bride hairstyles you end up choosing for the big day. If you already have long hair or are planning to grow it out, there’s a couple of classic bridal hairstyles for long hair you can try. If you aren’t having a hair trial with a hairdresser, remember to factor in the thickness and dryness of your hair to make sure the style lasts all day.

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Some feel that bridal hairstyles for short hair are limited, but we disagree! There’s plenty of ways to get creative with your bride hair no matter how short. If you’re stuck on ideas, here’s some wedding hair ideas spanning from pixie cuts to choppy bobs and everything in between.

Planning a last night of freedom?

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