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Activity Details

  • Up to 8 games
  • Energetic event host
  • Friendly competition
  • Seasonal questions

What is the Virtual Team Social Event?

This event is an exact replica of your usual after-work social with everything moved online. Your team size will split down into smaller groups and go head to head in light-hearted games. Some challenges can include general knowledge while some are more physical! Our game gives everyone a chance to shine on different stages, regardless of age. It’s the event that will make your team laugh, talk, and bond!

What’s Included

  • Real fun quiz style event
  • 1 hour duration
  • Up to 8 different games & challenges
  • Pub trivia, buzz in challenges, pictionary, fun fact matching
  • Live interactive event host
  • Scoreboards and game comments
  • Seasonal questions for xmas parties

How does the Virtual Team Social Experience run?

This event is fully online, with your event host and co-workers joining together through a video conferencing platform. Each person will need a PC or device that they can speak through with a camera and decent Wifi. The rest is online including game cards, answer boxes and scoreboards – all fully interactive.

What Do You Need to Play?

All you need is a PC with a webcam & headphones and a stable WiFi connection. You’ll access the game with one simple link, no download nor account creation required.

What is the Duration? 

1 hour of packed fun and laughs

What Many People Can Participate 

We run the session in groups of up to 30 people, each with their own host. However, we can run up to 7 groups of 30 at the same time.

The up to 30 people then would be split into smaller teams of 4-5 people competing head to head.


  • So for 150 people we will ask you to break the group up into 5 x groups of up to 30 people prior to the event.
  • We send you 5 x links to pass to the 5 x groups
  • Each group will get its own host and event link to login
  • Each group can communicate to each other in their group but not the other groups.
  • So every 30 people gets their own live host.


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