Virtual House Party for Teams

Virtual House Party
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Activity Details

  • Gameshow style rounds
  • Professional comedian compere
  • Mysterious party packs delivered
  • Ultimate celebration party

What is a Virtual House Party event?

This party session combines a selection of hilarious mini gameshow rounds presented by a professional comedian host. We’ll post out packs full of props and game materials to each individual staff members address.­  Working in teams to compete in games like mini Guinness World Record challenge, cake decorating, true or false, casino wheel of fortune and even a catwalk challenge.

After each game the host will give fun feedback and ensure that commu­nica­tion, interaction, and laughter are constantly flowing. It’s a great way of rewarding a team and allowing them to party with one another in an informal environment whilst staying safe.

What’s Included

  • Fully interactive online gameshow theme
  • Hosted by a professional game show host
  • Party packs of mystery goodies posted to everyone’s house
  • Option upgrades to packs to include drinks
  • Play a series of fun mini games
  • Fully managed by staff in the background
  • Winners announced at the end
  • Suitable for a variety of group sizes

How Does the Virtual House Party Work?

This experience will be run entirely online, combing a mash up of hilarious game show style rounds. You will have your own virtual host to run the session, alongside project management of the event.

Party packs filled with props and materials will be sent out to your colleagues houses before the event, so they can hop on Zoom and get stuck into the fun. This online house party is suitable for a variety of group sizes and can be played all around the world, ensuring all teams can let loose and celebrate!

What Games Will I Play During the Virtual House Party?

During this party you will play a selection of fun games which, if you’re successful, will gain you points for your team and see you working  your way up the rolling leader board.

You’ll play games such as a mini Guinness world record challenge, true or false, catwalk challenge, cake decorating and casino wheel of fortune.


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