Valentine's Weddings?

Valentine’s DAY is coming up faster than you can say ‘twelve red roses’ and that means it is prime time for weddings coming up too.

Let’s face it, the most important thing about a wedding is all the partying excuses you get to share in and the hen night is one of, if not the best party of all…

Or at least it should be. Too often, we hear about hen parties (and, more often , stag nights - just what is it with men?) breaking up before they’ve properly got going. Lots of things can be to to blame in full or in part; mistakes with bookings, groups forming clique, a lack of coordinated activities, or even lack of anything remotely resembling a plan at all… How did the world manage before Funktion Events slipped so smoothly into the driver’s seat?

happier hensThe main party organiser is the whipping-girl when it comes to the blame game at such mis-parties. Yes, whether it’s your fault or not that they sent an OAP stripper to the bride’s big do, it’s you who will take it on the chin. Unless of course you would rather avoid any such unple­asan­tness, in which case you should let us hold the reins so that you’ve got the energy to hold your own while you’re out shepherding your hens from treat to treat.

Down with Bad Organising! And by that, we mean with YOUR bad organising. We’ve always been good at it. And your organising is only bad because you’re trying to have a good time at the same time and it all starts to feel a bit like you’re at work only in your best dress. Let us do it instead. We are so organised, we even organise our organising and have bundled a range of our best activities into a sweet twin package for just £52pp and only £20pp deposit for a limited time.

You get to choose any two of the selected activities from such delights as a dance class, life drawing session (ho touching please!), cocktail making night or even an old school sports day, perfect if you're feeling all jolly-hockey-sticks this February

Get these while they’re hot! Check out our bundle package deals today. Funktion Events: for happier hens.

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