Unusual Stag Do Ideas

So you’ve got a Stag Do coming up, but you’re feeling jaded with the same old night out after night out you’ve beenUnique and Different Stag Do Ideas doing forever now. Well lucky for you, we know about tons of unusual stag do ideas and because we're really nice we've chosen a few of the best for you. You're welcome. 

Mankind has achieved a lot over the years. We’ve discovered fire. Invented the airplane. Made it to the moon. And now, in what is possibly the pinnacle of mankind’s accom­plishments, we have created FootGolf. A beautiful combination of man’s two favourite sports. What could be better? How about FootGolf Elite? Yeah, didn't see that one coming did you? It's true you know, the simplest ideas are always the greatest. 

Unusual Stag Do Ideas ZorbZorb Football. Basically, It’s football but your entire upper body is wrapped in a giant plastic bubble.  And it’s a lot of fun. In fact, it’s downright hilarious. There’s not much funnier than seeing your mate go in for a tackle only to be bounced to the other side of the pitch.

Next up in our stupid sports category is Binocular Football. Once again the premise is simple. It’s football but no one can see properly. The lenses in the binoculars either make things look further away or closer than they actually are. Watch your friends blindly flail at thin air in a pitiful attempt to kick the ball. It’s rather amusing. Might give you a bit of a headache but a good bit of fun.

Every woman loves a true gentleman, so why not take part in one of the most sophisticated stag do activitiesUnusual Stag Do Ideas Life Drawing possible: Nude Life Drawing. Practise your hand at the fine arts, using the wondrous female form as a template from which to draw your artistic inspiration. So yeah, you get to draw a naked lass, but in all seriousness it is genuinely tasteful, so no worries there. You’ll be guided by an experienced tutor who will help you draw the keen and lovely model in a variety of poses. You’ll get to keep your drawing afterwards so be sure to make an effort, instead of just drawing a stick figure with breasts (as hilarious as that is).

Limited nude life drawing and zorb football bundle offer!

So some of you might think you’re far too manly for such an activity as a Song Recording Studio, and that’s cute and everything but listen; you’re allowed to bring drinks into the studio (as long as you don’t spill them over the mixing desk). Get a few bevs down you and before you know it you’ll all be shoulder to shoulder, swaying left and right and bellowing drunken renditions of wonderwall, basking in benevolent bromance. Go on, prove me wrong.

That’s just a few unusual stag do ideas for you to choose from. There’s loads more out there, so I don’t want to hear anyone whining that they're fed up on their stag do. All the activities are on our website and our number is 0161 341 0052. You know what to do. 

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