Ideas for a Different Stag Do

Unique and Different Stag Do IdeasIf you’re looking to do something new for your stag do, then here are some of the most unique and different stag do ideas that money can buy.  

Zorb Football is probably the most ridiculously hilarious stag activity of all time. Think footy, only you’re all in giant plastic bubbles. Loads of laughs and banter is guaranteed as you go bouncing and rolling around the pitch.

Another more chilled activity is nude life drawing, a classy activity that’s great for a laugh. Your nude female model will disrobe and get into a few poses for you to draw. You’ll be guided throughout by an experienced instructor and you’ll get to keep your masterpieces afterwards.

We offer a Zorb Football and Nude Life Drawing bundle, so why not do both for a cheaper and more varied stag do experience?

There’s many more crazy sports for you to try. Fancy a game of Footgolf? As the name suggests, it’s a combination of the average man’s two favourite sports. What could be better?

Or maybe you’d like binocular football, where you play with goggles strapped to your face that make the ball look like its 10 times further away or closer to you. This results in lots of laughs as you watch your mates hilariously flail at thin air.

The next activity is a fun recording studio stag do, where you and your angel-voiced mates can sing your hearts out to thousands of classic tracks. Another fantastic activity for a good laugh with mates. You can even bring food and drink into the studio for some tipsy renditions of wonderwall!

Different and Unique Stag Do IdeasThis next one separates the men from the boys. If you can successfully take on the man vs food challenge, you’ll have permanent bragging rights amongst your friends forever! Whether you’re taking part or sitting back and watching, there’s plenty of banter to be had here.

Head to one of your cities trendiest venues and mix your own drinks in a Cocktail Masterclass. Bartenders will show you how to make a cocktail just the way you like it, shaken or stirred. After you’ve finished making, you can start drinking. A great activity to kick off an amazing night out.  

You can find and book tons of stag do activities of all kinds on our website, or you can call us on 0161 341 0052 for any information or on these unique and different stag do ideas.

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