Cant Decide Between Two? Have Both

52. Fifty-Two. It’s a significant number: 52 weeks in a year, 52 cards in a pack and £52 for two of the most popular stag do activities as brought to you by Funktion Events!

We have analysed the data and discovered the six best activities as chosen by previous stags to enjoy our complete service; you can choose any two and each stag pays just £52. And, with a deposit of just £20pp, it won't hit anyone in the pocket too hard.

The stag party is all about the groom, right? Wrong. If it were, it would be called a groom party. It’s all about the stags who will carry the groom with them to wherever they’re going and let’s face it, you want to have an exciting time. The groom might be preparing to commit himself to the love of his life forever but that doesn’t mean that the stags have to be Goody Twoshoes as well. If you’re agreeing with all this, then why not choose a super-sexy combination from our offerings?

Nude Female Life Drawing

Can you keep a steady hand? With the materials provided, you will create a masterpiece of artistic erotica with the seductive stance and perfect pose of a professional nude female life model. A private city centre venue will be yours for the duration of the masterclass, which is provided by an expert tutor. What’s your style? Impres­si­onist? Cubist? Cartoonist?

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Beer. Babes. Each word alone is enough to get our pulses racing. Put them together in a single phrase and you’re definitely onto a winner. This is the party of a lifetime and is fully planned around your group in whichever town you’re planning on painting red. Our gorgeous babes will greet  the stags and chaperone you all the way around an exclusive VIP bar crawl where you’ll enjoy queue-jump access and free shots. Take part in drinking games, challenges and forfeits throughout the night, all ably organised by our beautiful beer babes, who will keep a clear head and make sure everyone is having fun. End the night in one of the city’s top nightclubs… or perhaps it’s just the beginning.

Want to know what other activities are available as part of our 2-for-52 special offer with £20 deposit

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