Turbo Ten10 Cricket Team Building Event

Turbo Ten10 Cricket Team Building EventAn adrenaline pumping activity is always great for team building, as it throws your team into a fun challenge where they’ll communicate, compete and have a bit of fun after working hard. If you’re looking for something that will definitely generate some friendly competition with a unique twist, this turbo ten10 cricket team building activity might be just what you need. This new and improved event takes the classic and loved game of cricket, and gives it a fun twist that will keep everyone on their toes.

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The turbo ten10 cricket keeps the basis of the classic game with a couple of new rules to keep the game fast paced with short and sweet rounds so everyone can get involved. The whole team will have a go at both bowling and batting, making it the perfect experience for team building whether you’re a small or large team. You’ll be playing on a reduced sized pitch with soft cricket balls meaning all you need to bring is yourselves!

As for the unique twist, all batsman will be allowed to have an unlimited amount of turns and all the players will bowl, plus we’ve added 3 overs per innings called ‘Turbo Overs’ where all of the runs are worth double the points. To make the activity even more interesting, we’ve also upped the worth of a 6 to 10 runs keeping everyone’s adrenaline pumping throughout the games. All of these new rules provide a unique day that is great for building new relationships with colleagues and employees within your team.

The whole session will last around an hour, giving you plenty of time to grasp the rules and have a go in all positions to really get the most out of this exciting activity. The turbo ten10 cricket will be led by a professional events co-ordinator, making sure everyone understands the game and picking the winners of the day with provided scorecards. You could even add some prizes for the winners and forfeits to really complete your team building day!

Let us know if you think the turbo ten10 cricket team building activity would be perfect for your team. Call us on 0161 341 0052 and let our events planners give you any more information you need or just organise the whole thing for you.

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