Treat the Stag & Book a Package

Treat the Stag & Book a Package

Now the stag weekend is one of the most exciting and most looked forward to times of a man’s life, apart from the wedding of course (that’s what you have got to tell the other half anyway).

But all jokes aside the stag weekend is a weekend that is always looked forward to no matter what it entails. And sometimes it can be quite challenging trying to decide on exactly what to include, especially with the amount of stag do activities that we have on offer. And if you are planning as a group then that can also make things trickier trying to get everybody to decide on something. And since you want the stag do to be fun and something that everybody is going to want to get involved with then a stag do package is probably your best option.

Now we know what you’re thinking, a stag do package? What’s one of those? Well, a package booking is probably one of the most stress free routes to go with when it comes to planning the stag weekend. And if you like smooth sailing then you are in the smoothest sea around right now. Every package can be personalised to your taste so that you can take full advantage of anything you find within them along the way. And that’s not all, with a package not only is it less stress and smooth sailing it will also help you save more money!

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Here at Funktion Events, we offer all of our packages with at least two activities along with high quality stag do accommodation which will ensure your weekend will be unfor­get­table. Now you are probably wondering how all this package stuff is treating the stag but we are getting there, since it is the stags special celebration, he will go free on every single accommodation package which will obviously make the whole experience even better right? So what are you waiting for? Book today to avoid any disap­po­in­tment.

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