Top Cities, Top Tips and Tasty Trivia!

Top Cities, Top Tips and Tasty Trivia!

It’s only when it comes down to picking the perfect city for an unforgettable stag do that you realise just how lucky we are in the UK - there are loads! Each has its own distinct personality, buzz and style, just like the stags who will be enjoying the event. So, how DO you choose?

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles offering lots of great tips, advice and ideas about selecting the perfect city to welcome your group of stags for a night to remember. We will also be looking at the top five stag do city destinations in the UK, discovering all the perks and pitfalls of each and, hopefully, making it out on the other side with our halo intact, if a little grubby.

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In the spirit of debate and fair play, we will also be inviting and welcoming your own tips, activity ideas and favourite places to go in the top 5 cities. I must confess to you up front that I, your faithful writer, was born and bred in one of the five cities on the list. I promise that I will try not to be biased, or at least not TOO biased, when we explore there. Which city is it? See if you can guess!

We kick off with some top tips for the first stage of the stag night process – choosing the city.

  • Choose somewhere that is at a roughly central point between the majority of the group, if you have stags galloping from all corners of the country. If Matt is paying ninety quid on the train to get there and Mike is paying two quid on the bus, it just isn’t cricket. Or football. Or zorbing. All of which are ideal stag do activities, now that we mention it!

  • Go out of your comfort zone. There is a special feeling that goes along with being in a strange city - anything seems possible. The further you travel, the more different things are and so, as far as budget and sense-of-direction allow, we think the further, the better.

  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Rome isn't in our top five list of UK stag do destinations, unsur­pri­singly as it’s in Italy. But the truth of the phrase holds, and you’ll do well to respect the local community and be a good repre­sen­tative for your own city. Those accents are dead giveaways!

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  • Count the cost. Just as some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girl’s mothers, some cities’ prices are bigger than other cities’ prices. Some are much bigger - we are looking at YOU, London. Make sure your packet fills your pocket and, whatever city you’re in (bearing in mind that you may finish in a different one that the one you started in), keep your mates, yourself and your stuff nice and safe.

Planning a stag do with Funktion events can make a positive, profound difference to the whole experience. Want to know how? Talk to us today on 0161 341 0052!

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