Top 50 Wedding Florists in the UK

Top 50 Wedding Florists

With planning well underway it is probably time to decide on your wedding flowers, but where to go?

Whether you know what type of wedding flowers you want or not it is important to know exactly where you want to head to get your desired flowers. But figuring out where to start looking can sometimes be a nightmare so that’s where we have stepped in.

To make things so much easier for you we have done our research and came up with the top 50 wedding florists in the UK and we have even split the UK up into sections to find the perfect florist that is as close to you as possible.

London Wedding Florists

Scarlet & Violet

Wedding Florists 1

Scarlet & Violet was first established in 2006 and it is now a busy florist that is full of lots of character and creativity. They also buy their flowers daily from the market so that there is a constant change of each bunch.

Your London Florists

Your London Florist is a brilliant team that is full of experienced florists from all around the world who can combine colours and flowers together to create elegant and unique floral designs.

Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Pea is a florist led by Marianne Johnson, based in east London their studio specialises in producing the most original and innovative floral designs for any kind of event in the UK and abroad.

Orchidya Flower Shop

In Orchidya, it is their passion and appreciation of nature that helps them create such imaginative and memorable fresh plant and flower arrangements to produce the most impressive displays.


McQueens is a florist that sells beautiful, stylish yet simple flower arra­ig­nments. At first they made them for the London market but since it has become the premier name in the UK’s flower market!

Mia’s Bouquets London

Mia’s Bouquets is a florist that specialises in offering affordable yet contemporary flowers for every occasion that are designed and made by a highly talented and experienced team.

Wales Wedding Florists

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John Stephen Florist

John Stephen Florist is a family run business based in Rhyl that started off in 1975, since they have been able to supply high quality flowers and arrangements for almost any occasion.

The Flower Bowl

The Flower Bowl is a florist that delivers high quality fresh flowers and gifts to Holywell, Flint and the surrounding areas for well over 45 years. Whilst giving a helpful and friendly attitude to all customers.

Emma's Country Choice

Emma’s Country Choice is a florist that prides itself in sending beautiful flowers and arrangements throughout Clwyd, Flintshire and the surrounding areas.­     

Elimay's Flowers

Elimay’s is a family run business who proudly offers a wide selection of floral items, whether you are after a bouquet or an arrangement they will try their best to tailor their knowledge to any occasion.

Hilary's Floral Design

Hilary’s Floral Design is based within Abergavenny and is a leading floral stylist who serves floral bouquets and arrangements to the South Wales area.

Buttercup Flowers

Buttercup Wedding & Event Flowers pride themselves on creating high quality designed whilst offering a bespoke service. As well as being finalists at the 2016 Welsh National Wedding Awards.

The Cottage Garden Florist

The Cottage Garden is a florist and flower delivery business that has over 40 years’ experience in creating and sending flowers out to customers.

Scotland Wedding Florists

Wedding Florists 3

Bay Tree Florist & Gifts

Bay Tree Florists & Gifts are a highly trained team of florists that aims to deliver some of the best quality flowers and designs that you have seen. As well as providing an amazing service.

Something Special

Something Special Flowers is a florist that has over 30 years’ experience in creating the most perfect flower selections for any type of occasion as well as a service that is unbeatable.

Fountain Flowers

Fountain Flowers delivers to all of the Scottish Borders and the rest of the UK, they offer a large range of different flowers to suit all occasions whether you are after a small bouquet or a huge arrangement.

Narcissus Flowers

Narcissus Flowers was founded in 1997 and has since been Edinburgh’s top florist if you are after cutting-edge botanical design. There is a display of unusual, fresh flowers that are perfect for any display.

Garlands Florist

Garlands Florist has been going for over 30 years and is a small family run business that supplies beautiful, high quality flowers that continues to grow to customers local and all over the UK.

Floral Ambitions

Floral Ambitions is a florist in Edinburgh that delivers an unbeatable service whilst creating bouquets, arrangements and gifts for any occasion.

Blooms for Flowers

Blooms for Flowers is a professional and bespoke florist in Glasgow centre that has been in business for over 20 years creating a range of bespoke bouquets for almost any occasion.

Midlands Wedding Florists

Wedding Florists 4

Hubbards Florist

Hubbards Florist is a multi-award winning business with a highly experienced team who have gained an under­standing of the needs of their customers to ensure they deliver the best floral works.

Lily White

Lily White is an independent florist that caters for any of your floral needs whether that be a bouquet, an arrangement or some event flowers. They can also offer advice to help create the most beautiful flower design for you.


Posies Florist has been around since the 1980s and deals with all aspects of floristry, they pride themselves on being a local independent family business that can still offer the same services as anyone else.

Bentley Florists

Bentley Florists has been established for over 7 years and has built a solid reputation for offering an amazing service whilst dealing with all kinds of floristry.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain is an inde­pen­dently run family business that believes in exceptional floral designs and customer service as well as having highly qualified and award winning florists along the way.

Danckerts Florist

Danckerts Florist was first established in 1954 and is a family run business that take pride in all of the flower arrangements and gifts that they send out of their shop.

Entwined Flowers

Entwined Flowers have gained a reputation of being one of the best contemporary flower and wedding florist studios in the UK. They can create designs for almost any occasion.

Manna Flowers

Manna Flowers is a family run florist which has been established since 1985, they are able to create beautiful bouquets for your wedding day and any other event that you may have.

Milestones Florist

Mildstones Florist has been going since 2000 and since they have been able to create beautiful flowers for whatever the occasion. They pride themselves on their customer service and satis­fac­tion.

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North of England Florists for Weddings

Wedding Florists 5

Fiona Hogg Flowers

Fiona Hogg is a florist that prides themselves on their outstanding customer satisfaction and service as well as providing some beautiful bouquets and arran­gements.

The York Flower Company

The York Flower Company is a florist that specialises in beautiful and fresh flowers that are designed and made exclusively for you.

Dales Florist

Dales Florist is a three generation family business that has a heritage that goes back 7 decades. They pride themselves in creating good quality flowers and arrangements to all of their customers.

Leeds House of Flowers

Leeds House of Flowers is a florist that believes in the freshest flowers at the highest quality as well as giving a great service with unbelievable prices.

Berries Florist

Berries Florist is a company that creates beautifully unique and stylish bouquets and arrangements for almost any occasion, whilst still giving a great service to its customers.

Alexandra May's

At Alexandra May’s florist they pride themselves on creating top quality arrangements with flowers that they buy daily as well as making sure they keep their meticulous attention to detail intact.

Stems Florist

Stems Florist is an established florist that has been in the business for over 25 years, the staff at Stems are highly qualified and use their attention to detail to create whatever they need.

Bookers Flowers

Bookers Flowers is a florist based in Liverpool that can create bouquets and arrangements for almost any occasion and they offer a large range of fantastic top quality designs.

Springbank Flowers

Springbank Flowers are a florist that creates amazing floral displays and bouquets to make any day that little bit more special.

Collins the Florist

Collins the Florist has been running for almost 35 years and the business is family ran, they pride themselves in creating amazing arrangements of flowers for almost any occasion.

The Manchester Florist

The Manchester Florist creates innovative floral designs for any sort of occasion whether you are after a bouquet or an arrangement, they are extremely passionate about flowers and always take the fashion and season into consi­dera­tion.

South of England Wedding Florists

Wedding Florists 6

Allium Florists

Allium Florists is one of Cotswold’s leading florists and loves providing customers with flowers, plants and arrangements of amazing quality, innovatively organised and presented to suit their customers’ requ­ire­ments.

Forget Me Nots

Forget Me Nots are a florist that are dedicated to creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements for all occasions. They work hard to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with their work.

Bumble Beez Florists

Bumble Beez Florist is one of Cheltenham’s leading florists and has been delivering to customers around Cheltenham for well over 10 years.

The Bespoke Flower Company

The Bespoke Flower Company is running by two multi-award winning florists who share a passion for flowers, they have over 14 years’ experience between them both and create a highly skilled floral team.

Oops a Daisy

Oops a Daisy started back in 2000 and since then their team has grown massively and collectively they have over 150 years of professional experience to create stunning flowers and arran­gements.


Jacaranda Flowers is a florist in the Cotswolds who has over 30 years of professional experience, they design fabulous arrangements for whatever occasion.

Susan's Flower Shop

Susan’s Flower Shop is a florist that provides its customers with top quality flowers and gifts for all kinds of occasions whilst giving the best experience.

Petals Florist

Petals Florist can provide their service for almost any kind of occasion whether that be a wedding or a get well soon. And from everything like bouquets to arran­gements.

Elizabeth's the Florist

Elizabeth’s the Florist has been the leading name for flowers in Norwich for the past 60 years, it is a family run business that has over 25 staff members who are all trained and talented.

The Ivy Florist

The Ivy Florist are a local Stevenage florist who offers all different aspects of floristry for anything like weddings, funerals and everything else in between, whether you are after contemporary or traditional floristry.

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