Teambuilding Activities: The Top 3

We have a wide variety of teambuilding activities that are great for bonding with colleagues or friends, but theseTop 3 Most Popular Teambuilding Activities are the top 3 team building activities our customers can’t get enough of!

Our smartphone city treasure hunt is a fun and sociable team building activity that you can take at your own pace. All you need is some friends, a couple of smartphones, a city and you’re good to go! The activity is entirely independent, so you can’t start whenever you want. On the day you’ll split up into two teams. Each has a  captain in possession of a smartphone with the treasure hunt app downloaded on it. Make sure to take a team selfie and give yourself an apprentice style team name! From there you’ll be sent around the city to complete fun quizzes and tasks. The hunt will take you to popular tourist attractions in your chosen city. There’s a live scoreboard to see how the other team are doing and you can even send each other messages! A chilled team building activity that anyone can enjoy.

Create and enjoy a delicious meal together in a pizza making class! You’ll start off with some tasty dough balls and other nibbles, not to mention a nice glass of prosecco! Then you’ll be shown to the pizza making area. You’ll be shown how to make a fresh calzone pizza, which you can adorn with your favourite toppings, before taking part in the calzone team challenge! Afterwards you’ll be shown to your reserved tables, where you can order some drinks while you wait for your pizzas to bake.

One of our most popular activities by far, our cocktail making class is both a fantastic team building exercise and a great a way to kick off an amazing night out! A fun, interactive 90-minute session that caters for non-alcoholics as well. A bartender will teach you how to mix and shake the drink of your dreams, showing how all the equipment and techniques you need to make a kickass cocktail. Afterwards you can retreat to your reserved seating to enjoy your drinks together.

You can book all these and more fantastic team building ideas on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 0161 341 0052

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