The Top 10 Locations for Hen Dos in the UK

The Top 10 Locations for Hen Dos in the UK

Looking for the best UK location for your hen party?

Don’t rely on opinion to guide your decision. Rely on data.

We’ve put together an extensive guide to the best hen do locations in the UK, all backed up by data on hundreds of previous hen parties in 2019 by Funktion Events.

You’re about to see the ultimate hen party locations that are guaranteed to give you the best experience possible.

Sound good?

Let’s jump straight in…

10. Newcastle (3.6%)

Coming in at number 10 is Newcastle, which takes up 3.6% of hen party bookings from 2019.

This party city has been in the top 10 for over 5 years but slipped down the ranks as people have chosen hen party houses and relaxed retreats.

However, the unmatched nightlife central to the city and friendly welcome from the locals means groups of girls still enjoy their last blowout up North.

As well as fun after dark, Newcastle boasts a variety of daytime activities like dance classes and old school sports day events to sink your teeth into.

If you want a classic staple location, a Newcastle hen do is definitely worth a visit for a fabulous last night of freedom.

9. Edinburgh (3.9%)

According to our recent data, 3.9% of all UK hen dos occurred in Edinburgh in 2019.

With all the amazing activities and attractions available in Edinburgh, it’s no surprise why this makes the top 10.

Edinburgh has an incredible history, as well as a famous castle (aptly named ‘Edinburgh Castle’) that make it a hot spot for culture and adventure.

Some of the top hen do activities in Edinburgh include life drawing classes, silent disco tours, cocktail making, and much more.

If you’re looking to add a Scottish twist to your big night, look no further, as this is number 10 of the best hen do locations UK.

8. Brighton (4.1%)

4.1% of UK hen dos were in Brighton last year…

So, what makes this location a party hotspot?

Brighton is full of character and has a range of amazing activities that make it an excellent hen do spot if you’re looking for a top-quality experience.

A lot of hens claim Brighton reminds them of being abroad. With the sandy beaches, long piers, and cobbled streets, you can’t really blame them!

As for the activities, there are a ton on offer. These include life drawing, clubbing, and loads more.

For an unfor­get­table hen do experience, a Brighton hen party is definitely one to look at.

The Most Popular Cities for UK Hen Parties Chart

The Most Popular Cities for UK Hen Parties Map

7. Birmingham (4.5%)

In sixth place, we have Birmingham, where 4.5% of our hen dos occurred in 2019.

Birmingham is a monster city and has a ton to offer if you’re looking to create the ultimate hen party.

There are over 1000 experiences on offer in this location and all are geared towards creating your dream experience to celebrate your final night of freedom.

Birmingham also happens to be another popular nightlife spot in the UK and is sure to supply you with all your night out needs.

As well as nightlife, other popular attractions include Cadbury World (for the chocolate lovers), Balti Triangle, and Mailbox Birmingham which is one of Birmingham’s most fashionable shopping locations.

Combine all this with a selection of exclusive hen do events such as Dreamboys, cocktail making, and goofy games, and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect hen do.

Check out a Birmingham hen party if you’re in the planning phase. You won’t be disap­po­inted.

6. Chester (4.5%)

When you think of hen party locations, Chester doesn’t always come to mind.

However, believe it or not, this small historic city makes it into the top 10, accounting for 4.5% of all hen dos in 2019.

Despite being a smaller location, Chester has a lot to offer to brides-to-be and their fellow hens.

Surrounded by old roman walls and riddled with old Victorian archi­tec­ture, you’ll have plenty of beautiful surroundings to look at when exploring this north-west gem.

As well as the location itself, there are plenty of activities to complement the Chester experience that make it one of the best UK hen do locations..

As well as spa days and escape rooms, Chester is well-known for its bar scene. They have classy bars spanning from the centre all the way to the suburbs.

If you’re after a small city with a lot to offer, a hen party in Chester should be on your list.

5. Bristol (4.5%)

Arguably, Bristol has one of the best night outs in the UK, so it comes to no surprise to find it on the most popular hen do destinations list.

In 2019, 4.5% of all groups enjoyed a hen party in Bristol for their last night of freedom.

As well as an impressive nightlife, Bristol also has a stunning harbour, delicious restaurants, and shops galore for you and your girls to explore.

Popular hen do activities include off-road buggies and a Totally Wiped Out experience where you get to have a go at the infamous Total Wipe Out course (with prizes included, of course).

This large city has a lot to offer, so it’s definitely one to consider when making your final choice.

4. Leeds (4.9%)

Moving into the top 5, we have Leeds which was the preferred hen do location for 4.9% of our hen dos in 2019.

Leeds is another smaller city and is said to have a more relaxed vibe that can be compared to the likes of Manchester and Liverpool.

Despite this, a hen party in Leeds offers a vibrant nightlife and adventurous daytime activities that make it an exciting hen do location.

A top-notch shopping experience (one of the best in the UK), a scenic landscape, and a wide range of scrumptious restaurants are just a small selection of the many things you can do in this fun little city.

Partner up this experience with a session of Bubble Mayhen and Afternoon Tease, and you’ve got a perfect recipe.

Check out Leeds if you’re after one of the best UK locations for a hen do 

The Most Popular Regions for UK Hen Parties Graph

The Most Popular Regions for UK Hen Parties Map

3. London (5.2%)

Out of all the UK cities, you’d expect London to be nearer the top when it came to hen party locations… and you’d be right.

5.2% of all our hen dos were in London, and it’s not difficult to see why.

There are endless options if you’re looking to celebrate your last night of freedom in the Big Smoke. The city is so large that it offers nearly any hen do experience imaginable.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience or an all-out clubbing adventure, London will have what you need to create your dream party.

With all the various districts to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating and shopping.

Splice this with the many attractions and fantastic photo oppor­tuni­ties, and you’ll have the perfect itinerary for the best hen do.

Add a hen party in London to your list if you’re after a once in a lifetime experience.

2. Manchester (6.9%)

Coming in at second place is Manchester with 6.9% of our hen dos travelling there last year to enjoy their hen party.

Manchester is a larger city and generally known as a hen do hotspot, with over 100 hens visiting the city every weekend!

This city has it all. Great restaurants, a variety of nightlife, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained during your stay. Deansgate and The Arches are definitely locations you’re going to want to check out. 

No matter what kind of style you’re rocking for your celeb­ra­tions, a hen party in Manchester has everything you need to have the best possible experience.

1. Liverpool (9.2%)

Finally, in first place for the most popular hen party location is Liverpool. Nearly 10% of all hen parties occur in this city!

Liverpool has been a staple hen do location for a while and it’s not difficult to see why…

It has one of the best nightlives in the country, with multiple strips and locations to experiment with, such as Concert Square, Seel Street, and Albert Docks.

If you’re after a shopping trip, a hen party in Liverpool also has huge centres like Liverpool One and Renshaw Street. There are thousands of shops to find in this amazing city, so you and your hens won’t have a hard time finding the perfect outfit.

There is also a range of hen-related activities to do, many of which are unique to Liverpool. Activities such as Buff Butlers and Life Drawing in Liverpool are popular choices for many groups.


Thousands of hen parties happen every weekend, but some happen in more places than others.

If you’re looking for the best possible hen experience, it’s sometimes best to listen to the masses and follow the crowd. In this case, places in the North West of England like Liverpool and Manchester should 100% be on your list.

If you’re looking to kickstart your hen party ideas and need help with the details, get in touch today on 0161 341 0052.

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