Things to Consider When Event Planning

Things to Consider When Event Planning

Planning an event can be quite time consuming and daunting, especially if you have a deadline you have to meet.

It is important to develop a checklist of all of the important and essential things you have to sort or consider when planning. But what to put in the list? We’re here to help you put together all of the things to consider when planning your event!

1.Put Together an Event Goal and the Purpose

It is important to figure out your goal for the team building event. Whether you are after something that will bring out the team’s problem solving skills, or just break the ice with some team members. Whatever it is it is important to put together the goal and purpose so that you know what your aiming towards with regards to organising everything else.

2. Organise Who is Going

Discussing who is coming is vital, it is important to have a definite number for the event and who you are actually taking. This way there is no errors of adding more people on or removing people if the list and numbers have already been put in place.

3. Set the Date

Setting the date needs to be done quite early on in the planning, mainly because you need to make sure everybody can make it. And this way if you have a date in place early on then everyone can make sure they’re available or re-schedule pre-existing plans if they want to make it.

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4. Discuss What Type of Activity Will Suit the Event Purpose

The fun part comes in when deciding what activity, you want to have. It is important to keep the event goal and purpose in mind when doing this so that you will fulfil the purpose of the day. Whether it be a pizza making class or an escape rooms challenge.

5. Establish a Budget

This is the tricky part, whether you are deciding the budget or somebody else it this is an element that has to be discussed. Knowing your budget allows you to then figure out what is suitable and possibly help you whittle down a few of the activities you had in mind.

6. Get the Word Out

Once everything is planned and arraigned it is always a good idea to spread the word, so that everybody knows about the event. You could also put the event on social media to show the attitude your organisation has towards rewards and improving team work!

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