The Truth About First Dates

The Truth About First Dates

Ah, first dates, we’ve all had them, and we have all hated them, well maybe not all of them.

But let’s be honest, from the very lengthy process of deciding what to wear to trying to decide who is paying the bill at the end of the evening, some first dates don’t go very smoothly. And that is completely normal, we all get nervous with an upcoming date whether you have met your date before or this is the first time meeting. And for us girls, we always watch too many chic flicks involving too many love stories that we somehow think that it will all happen in real life but trust me when I say, first dates are not always glamorous.

But they can be! If you put some of these ideas into practise or spot them when you are on the date, you could be able to find yourself the date of your dreams!

Firstly, put your phone away! There is nothing worse than trying to speak to someone when they are scrolling through their phone, so that should be the last thing you or your date should be doing, especially on the first date! Not only can it seem rude it could also make either of you paranoid wondering what they are looking at or wonder if you are boring them so to save any confusion it is always good to keep your phone out of sight.

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Secondly, the “awkward silence”. We all hate them and we all love to avoid them so don’t forget to stop talking! On your first date you are getting to know one another, don’t be afraid to ask any questions and try not to give any one-word answers, they can sometimes kill the conver­sation. And remember this isn’t a formal meeting keep it as light hearted and chatty as you are comfortable with as this can sometimes help your date feel less nervous too.

Thirdly, always be yourself and be honest, yes this is two things in one but they kind of go hand in hand. It is important to let your date know who you are, after all they should like you for you so there is no point trying to pretend to be someone different and then it backfiring further down the line. Which is where being honest comes into it, yes it might sound impressive at the time saying something that might not be completely true but what if your date a few months down the line wants to see something you lied about and having to confess…awkward!!

So overall from this we hope you have realised that you just need to be yourself and yourself only. Stay relaxed, get to know one another, make sure the date is something you are both interested in and always offer to split the bill! So hopefully this post has given you a little more confidence when it comes to first dates and you will use these ideas in the future!

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