The Top Team Building Activities of 2016

The Top Team Building Activities of 2016Team Building activities do what they say on the tin:­ they build teams, but more than that, they make existing teams stronger. Not only are they effective, they’re also a ton of fun. If you’re interested in streng­thening your bond with your friends, colleagues or anyone else, these are the top team building activities

Smartphone City Treasure Hunts are an exercise in teamwork, navigation and general knowledge. They’re also really fun! The day has your group split into two teams, each one with a team captain. Then, with an app on your smartphone you’ll be sent off to find various quizzes and challenges via GPS, like finding a member of the public who looks like a Beatles member and taking a selfie with them! Each team can access a live scoreboard from their phones at any time to see how the others are doing, and send them messages.

Treasure Hunts can be thirsty work, so if you fancy you could try the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunts. Similar to the city one, only with a few social drinks to enjoy en-route!  

2016 Top Team Building Activities They say your school days are the best days of your life, so why not relive them with your friends for an afternoon? Old School Sports days bring back the fun and games you used to love; egg and spoon, sack race, space hoppers and more! An amazing activity for building team spirit and great for a laugh.

Zorb Bubbles are the kind of genius idea make you wonder: 'Why didn't ITeam Building 2016 think of that?' It’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Zorb Bubbles are big inflatable bubbles that you wear around your upper body. There’s two Zorb based activities to choose from: Zorb Football and Zorb Bubble Games. Each of them will have you bumping and bashing into each other, sending each other flying as you play fun games. Great laugh, great team­bu­ilding.

Create a delicious pizza together in Pizza Making Team Building! Start out with a nice glass of prosecco before you all head over to make some cracking custom calzones from a professional chef!

Fancy a bit of teambuilding before a night out? Cocktail making is a brilliant way to kick off the night together. Learn how to mix some colourful cocktails from an experienced mixologist before sitting down to enjoy them!

And there you have it, the top team building ideas, all guaranteed to result in an effective team and a fantastic day out!  

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