The Time Between the Hen Party & The Wedding

The Time Between the Hen Party and The Wedding

When planning a hen party, it is important to think about all aspects.

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And one of the hardest things to think about is the time between the hen party & the wedding. Of course there is no rule set in stone about how long you should give yourselves and everyone else between your hen party and your wedding but it is always something you should consider when you are doing all of the planning. 

Traditi­onally, the hen party was the last night before the wedding and surprisingly wasn’t a celebration that was that well known compared to the man’s stag do.

And typically the main thing the bride to be would do during the evening was to go over all of the details of her dowry…yeah, we know, boring. Luckily enough for us all of that has changed and now hen parties are a safe distance away from the big day because you know, nobody would be in the right state for a wedding ceremony after the final blow out right?

In the modern day, hen parties have become more of an excuse to drink which means people pushed it back to at least the weekend before the wedding to make sure everyone has recovered. And by taking out a whole weekend it means there is plenty of time to do more things which is where hen activities come into it.

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If you are wanting to go abroad for your hen weekend, then it can sometimes be difficult trying to find dates that suit everyone which is why it is a good idea to make sure it is a fair distance away from the wedding. Especially because everyone will have to spend more money going abroad so then it will give them enough time to save the money for the wedding too.

If you are keeping it in the UK, then you will be more likely to bring it closer to the wedding date as it will be easier to get everybody on board for a weekend unlike a 4-day trip abroad. So all in all, our advice is to give a bigger gap if you are going overseas and keep it closer for a UK based hen party. But if you are still unsure just get all of the girls together and ask for their opinion.

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