Engagement Rules

The Rules of Engagement UK

So one of you has proposed and the other has agreed...

The bubbly has been drunk (as have the drinkers), the engagement ring (which should be priced at around two month’s wages: gents take note) has been proudly shown off. But the date isn't set.

The catering remains unreserved, the location unbooked and the honeymoon not even thought about. So, how long should an engagement be? It all depends who you ask…

Online wedding gurus at theknot.com surveyed their members and the average length of an engagement turned out to be 14.5 months. Individual responses were however right at both ends of the scale, with some couples almost running down the aisle after a few weeks of romance while others took ten years to finally make it to the altar.

Shawn Rabideau, celebrity wedding planner extra­or­di­naire, says he would recommend a slightly shorter time than the average at ten months. Planning the dream ceremony takes just this amount of time; plan any longer and it turns into obsession and ultimate failure.

If you ask Harry, of When Harry Met Sally fame, he would tell you that “when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as quickly as possible." If, on the other hand, you ask a modern millennial, they might want to get a few other things done first, saving up while they pursue careers.

If you ask us, we would say that whatever time works for you is the right time. We trust you to work it out between yourselves. In the meantime, the one thing you CAN organise AS SOON AS you know that the proposal is accepted is the STAG NIGHT/HEN DO! Who cares about catering? Venue schmenue. And the honeymoon will take care of itself. Plan the party and do it in style with Funk:tion Events.

Our selection of hen & stag activities is so varied that we challenge you not to find something that you want to get involved in. Right now, if you’re honest. And put those activities into one of our full-on VIP packages and you’ll be enjoying all the good times with none of the hassle; everything arranged from your beer to your breakfast, no fuss, no bother. Want two activities for one low price? 

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