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Why Celebrate in Prague?

Prague has evolved itself over the years to being one of the best abroad stag destinations due to the city being able to deliver some of the highest quality beer in Europe.

Prague has got to be one of the most perfect destination to head to if you and the lads want to try your hand at some of the more unique stag oppor­tuni­ties. Whether you’re after strip clubs, adrenaline fuelled fun or even just some cheap and tasty beer then a Prague stag do is the one for you. Throughout the city you will find a relaxed attitude which is perfect if you’re wanting to create some memories with some stag shenanigans!

This city has rightly been labelled the sex capital of Eastern Europe so if you’re after a wild weekend away or not you’ll be sure to find it in Prague. As soon as you step off the plane you will be quick to notice that this city oozes style – even by having the option of some airport transfers with the company of strippers and drinks, as well as being a bright and colourful city. And trust us, it would be a waste of a visit if you didn’t explore the wonderful architecture, outstanding nightlife and incredible Prague stag activities that would make the stags final single days like no other.

Top Sight-Seeing Spots:

  • Charles Bridge
  • Prague Castle
  • Old Town Square

  • St Vitus Cathedral
  • Dancing House

Guide to Prague Nightlife

The Prague Stag Do Guide - Nightlife

When night falls, take advantage of the super late night offerings of bars and clubs all throughout the city. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else and a truly amazing place to spend your koruna, especially since the cost of a pint is 30 CZK!! Even if you and the lads have kick started the celebrations with the Absinthe Night there is no reason not to explore what Prague has to offer. This city is spread across two huge sections and they’re both equally amazing and deserve all of your evening attention for the duration of your stay.

The Old Town:

Just like most cities, Czech’s capital has a lot of history behind it, an ancient soul some say. And what better way to explore the big historical buildings than in the evening with some big pints of beer and shaken cocktails. The Old Town is in the centre of Prague meaning it is easy to get to from almost anywhere in the city. There are an immense amount of bars and clubs throughout the old town that you could stay in just this one area for the duration of your stay but if you’re just there for one night here are some of the top places to head to.

Top Bars/Clubs:

Hangar Bar is a great first place to head and is located in the cocktail quarter. If you haven’t already noticed the bar is inspired by the 1940s-60s aviation and is split into two sections. The Hanger Pilot’s Lounge is a rather quiet area of the venue and is full of loads of memorabilia from the aviation including some aircrafts etc. And the other half is called the Hangar Club, dedicated to all of the Hollywood stunt pilots, mechanics and the WWII pilots, along with a lively atmosphere with an amazing menu full of themed drinks.

And whilst we’re in the era why not head over to the James Dean Club? A two storey restaurant and music club that is full of American idols like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. The floor you walk into is designed as an American diner but then take a trip downstairs and you’ll find a petrol station basement club.

If you’re wanting a legendary night club, thenZlaty Strom is the place to go. It’s been running for over 20 years so to say it knows what it’s doing is an under­sta­tement. Perfect for a stag night out as there are beautiful hostesses who are there to take care of you all and make sure you leave wanting to come straight back.

And a venue that needs no introduction, Karlovy Lázně,it is the largest club in central Europe and the main club you have to experience whilst staying in Prague. With 5 floors of night club heaven you and the guys will have no trouble finding a floor to suit you, whether you’re feeling dance, or some oldies, perhaps hip hop and R&B or maybe just a good old chill on the top floor.

The New Town:

Although the New Town is located within the original foundations of the city it is still the well-known as the New Town to everyone who visits. It holds a big place right in the centre of the city’s nightlife and is hard to miss because the bars are some of the loudest and biggest in the whole of the city! Whether you’re after a mega club or a swanky bar you will find everything to keep you and the lads happy for the night up until the early hours of the morning.

Top Bars/Clubs:

First up isDuplex, smack bang in the middle of the New Town and one of the best places to head during your stay weekend. Known as one of the World’s best clubs and is designed as a large glass cube that is built on the roof of the building on Wenceslas Square, it’s hard to miss it. Inside there are two platforms, four bars and amazing music, perfect for creating some stag do memories.

If you feel like spicing up the night, then head over toHot Peppers, one of the hottest and biggest strip clubs in the whole of Prague. What better way to celebrate the stag’s single days then by heading into a club that is so popular? Or perhaps wake the stag up the right way with the Sexy Wake Up Call, a morning he'd never forget!

Vortex Pub is the place to go if you and the lads are lovers of all things beer. No matter what beer you fancy, dark, brown, blond, stout, ale or wheat this bar will cater. And if you want to see something impressive, this pub has one of the longest taps in the whole of Prague that features 28 beers. That’s a lot of drinking to get through!

Known as one of the best places to head on a stag night out, Nebe is one great cocktail and music bar that you and the lads will want to explore. Nebe in Czech means sky and that name choice is slightly odd for a basement bar but nevertheless, it’s a great place to head full of good drinks and amazing tunes.

Food and Drink in Prague

The Prague Stag Do Guide - Food and Drink

As some may know, the Czech cuisine is slightly unusual to the average Brit, but trust us give it abit of a research and you’ll soon figure out that the Czech’s love to eat and drink. In fact, this city is known for its cheap and cheerful beer which comes at £1.05 a pint - now that’s a bargain if we’ve ever seen one! There are a few different types of food that we would recommend during your stay in Prague, some would be great to line your stomach and some for curing a hangover were sure.

First up is Palačinky, it is a thin Czech pancake that looks very similar to a French crepe but with different cooking and batter methods. And of course the best thing about this is that you can fill it with whatever you want whether that be some jam or nuts, cream or fruit, or perhaps you’d like to go savoury with some meat or cheese. The next must try would have to be Guláš, it’s a staple in Czech cuisine and is full of huge portions of meat alongside some gravy and bread dumplings. And whilst you’re on the go or are near the Old Town Square stalls, look out for the Grilované Klobásy, a grilled sausage that is tucked into a roll and served with a variety of sauces.

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Explore the City

Prague as many of you know is a beautiful and very well preserved medieval city that is full of amazing history ready to explore. And since you’re stay is probably only brief you want to make sure you see all the great sights and make the absolute most of your stay in the Czech capital.

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Perhaps you want to explore some of the sights with a walking tour? This is a great way to learn some history and learn a lot about most of the main attractions and throughout the city you will find loads of free walking tours to try. Usually the tours start by the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square and then for three hours you will explore the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter and a lot more.

Or to help cure the hangover you will most likely have why not relax on the waterfront, along the front you would find loads of places to eat and drink from restaurants to cafes – everything to suit your needs. Another place that is good to explore and find great places to eat and drink would be Letná Park as well as there being some amazing views of the city.

The Prague Stag Do Guide

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