The Post Stag Do Blues

The Post Stag Do Blues

Okay so, the stag do is over but that doesn’t mean you and the lads have to roll over in despair wishing you were reliving that weekend.

Stag Do 1

The post stag do blues are real guys, we know. And we have come up with a few amazing ways to help conquer them. There is nothing worse than the days after you have come back from the best weekend of your lives, and being down in the dumps. Especially if you are straight back to reality, because that means that you haven’t had the right amount of time to recover and really appreciate the weekend that you experienced with the lads.

A great way to ensure you that you and all of the lads don’t get hit too hard with the stag weekend activities blues is to make sure you take plenty of photos and videos of everything you all got up to. One way to ensure this happens is to allocate one person to be camera man for the entire trip so that all the photos and videos are in one place.

Stag Do 2

From these , you can put them together on a DVD and give them out to all of the lads as a great memory of the weekend. Or  create a private Facebook album that only your group can see where you can keep them all.

​Another way to make sure the stag do blues don’t kick in too much is to make sure you and the lads all meet up often. That way you can all constantly talk about all the stories and all of the memories that you made during the stag do to keep everybody’s spirits high until the next stag weekend arises…

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