Stags Guide in Newcastle

The Newcastle Hen Party Guide

Why a Newcastle Stag Do?

What happens on a stag weekend stays on a stag weekend right lads? So what better place to go wild in than the city that is known for its outrageous nightlife?

We’re sure you know what city we’re on about and when you mix the Newcastle nightlife with the abundance of activities and daytime events then you’ll be in for a huge weekend like no other. Whether you’re feeling some sports, a chilled one or out for a messy night, Newcastle will guarantee a good time. This city is pretty much an all-rounder for you and your group and a get away from all of the stresses of wedding planning for the stag.

And the best thing about Newcastle is that it is so easy to get to, with the Inter­national Airport and Central Train Station travelling to the city would never be an issue at all. Both are only a short drive away from the centre so the celebrating can start as soon as you get there. 

Top Sight-Seeing Spots:

  • The Tyne Bridges
  • The Quayside
  • Victoria Tunnel

  • Wylam Brewery
  • Jesmond Dene Park

Guide to Newcastle Nightlife

The Newcastle Stag Do Guide - Nightlife

Newcastle is known for its nightlife, and with the huge choice of bars and pubs in Newcastle they definitely provide you with everything and anything you’d ever need for a great stag night out. Whether you want a quick pint with your tea or a night out on the tiles, you can find almost every kind of pub, bar and club that you’d ever need. Newcastle certainly knows how to throw an epic night out and obviously that’s exactly what you want to hear when you’re deciding where to go for your stag weekend. This Geordie nightlife is split up into 6 main nightlife hotspots and we’re here to help you figure out which hotspot is the one for you!

The Diamond Strip:

Now of course one of the most known areas of Newcastle is The Diamond Strip, its home to Geordie Shore’s nights out along with various celebrity spots and it’s known for being a trendy, classy and exclusive area. The fact that it’s called diamond says it all really, full of upmarket and exclusive bars, it’s no wonder why it attracts so many of the VIP’s in Newcastle. The Diamond Strip used to be focused on the 25-35 year olds but is now targeted more on the students and the under 30s crowd and is great for a stag weekend.

Top Bars/Clubs:

The Bigg Market:

There is also the cheap and cheerful The Bigg Market, everybody has heard about this area, there probably is no better place to head for a rowdy stag night out. It’s located in the city centre and as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into, you can have one heck of a night. It’s a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should you, especially if you head to Cosy Joe’s, a venue that welcomes fancy dress and definitely a great place to start on your stag night out with all the lads.

Top Bars/Clubs:

The Quayside:

Head closer to the river and you will find The Quayside, an upmarket and classy area that overlooks some of the iconic landmarks like the Saga and the Tyne Bridge. This area of Newcastle comes to life at night with its upmarket and trendy bars full of amazing atmospheres and totally epic views to take in. With the Pitcher and Piano being one of the most popular bars in the area it’s a great place to start your evening.

Top Bars/Clubs:

Grey/­Dean/­Pilgrim Street:

These streets run through the city down from the Grey’s Monument right down to the Quayside. Throughout these streets you will find a fair few places to explore especially if you love a good bit of ale. As you make your way down the street there will be no doubt you’ll find some traditional yet alternative bars that are definitely worth your visit. A great place to head if some experimenting is due for your weekend with the lads.

Top Bars/Clubs:

Jesmond/­Osborne Road:

Osborne Road is probably one of the most popular places in Jesmond to start your night. As well as being only a few minutes’ drive away from the city centre! If you’re looking for a place with amazing happy hour deals and a great party vibe, then look no further. Due to Osborne Road being a student heavy population it is a great place to head for a sophisticated drink in the winter and enjoy the spirit of festivals in the sunnier months.

Top Bars/Clubs:

The Gate:

Now lads, The Gate is where it’s at, known for being popular with stag and hen groups and full of sports bars, cinemas, clubs and restaurants. You don’t need to head anywhere else for a class evening with the lads. The Gate is an indoor complex where you can find almost everything you would need to create an amazing stag night out, whether you want a sports bar or an upmarket, watch a film or enjoy a meal. You’re sure to find it in The Gate – and just outside of it you will find Tiger Tiger and Sam Jacks where you can party the night away.

Top Bars/Clubs:

Shopping in Newcastle

The Newcastle Hen Party Guide - Shopping

Newcastle is home to two of the largest shopping centres in the UK and are a must visit when you head over for the weekend. Although we know you lads probably won’t be looking for a shopping trip, it is sometimes nice to take some time out to have a browse around a few shops. After all you’ve got to live up and dress up to the Geordie standards when you’re hitting the toon.

Occupy Your Days

Something Different

A stag weekend is supposed to be something to remember and what better way to do that than with alife drawing stag dowith the lads? Try something new in this cheeky yet tasteful activity that will for sure raise a few brows. Or why not try an unusual sporting game in thefootball darts stag do, what better way to enjoy some sports than mixing the two best together for an amazing experience to dive into with the lads.


Now when you’re away with the lads you will obviously want to add some adrenaline filled sports into the mix. And what better way to do that than with thebubble football stag do! A hilarious take on a traditional game of football with the lads that none of you will forget. Or how about testing your aim with the archery battle zone tag where you can go up against each other in a battle like no other.

After Dark

When it comes to heading over to for a stag party in Newcastle it makes sense to incorporate an activity that lets you get involved in the well-known and sometimes outrageous nightlife. And what better way to do that than with thebeer babes bar crawl stag do! Grab the lads and get ready to take part in the best bar crawl ever! Or perhaps you want to kick start your evening with some laughs in thekaraoke pods and drinks stag do,warm up your vocal chords and get ready to belt out some classics with the lads.

The Newcastle Stag Do Guide

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