The Edinburgh Stag City Guide

The Edinburgh Stag Do Guide

Why Celebrate in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is known across the UK for being one of Scotland’s most energetic party cities which is why you should be heading there during your stag weekend.

Edinburgh had a new tram system put into place back in 2014 and since then it has been so much easier to get around so you and the lads can just hop on a train and make your way over. And whilst in the capital you will be quick to realise the city is full of amazing museums, landmarks and world class history. From first sight you will see the renowned castle that sits upon the rugged mound at the centre as well as the rest of the listed building. Of which they have over 4 000 of them! More than anywhere in the world!

But enough about the history, Edinburgh is also brilliant for its activities, whether you are a stag that loves the thrill or just wants a laugh you will find an abundance of activities to get stuck into that will be perfect for your weekend.

Top Sight-Seeing Spots:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Arthur's Seat
  • Calton Hill

  • Museum of Scotland

  • Blair Street Underground Vaults

Guide to Edinburgh Nightlife

The Budapest Stag Do Guide - Nightlife

When it comes to the nightlife in Edinburgh well, it most certainly comes alive at night and that’s exactly what you want to hear when you are heading there for a stag weekend right? You are in luck as in the capital the drinking starts early and it finishes late so it is true what they say, it is a non-stop party!

Edinburgh is home to more than enough hotspots that are ideal for letting loose and having a good party or a chilled one with the lads. In fact, you could find almost anything that you and the lads could need all in one area, enjoy some cocktails, craft beer or even just let yourself gravitate to the dance floor.

George street is where you want to head if you are after a more high-end evening whereas the Grassmarket is a little bit more varied and usually is the place where all of the stags end up. And if you look hard enough you will even find bars hidden down in the narrow cobbled medieval streets! If you are a whisky lover you are in luck as it is Scotland’s favourite drink, and embrace the price since it is a lot cheaper over there!

Top Bars/Clubs:

Shopping in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Stag Do Guide

In between all of the drinking we are sure you and the lads would be up for a browse around the shops. It’s the perfect chance to buy a new shirt for the next night out and you are in luck as there are not many cities around where the main shopping areas have a beautiful view of the castle!

Princes Street is a great place to head first, it is home to flagship high street stores that we all know and love as well as there being seasonal markets in the gardens nearby. If you are after more designer stores and boutiques then you need to head over to George Street and Multrees Walk, after all who could say no to some luxury shopping? If you can’t do it on a stag weekend when can you??

Occupy Your Days

Thrill Seeker

If your stag is one of them lads who loves the thrill, then why not stitch him up with the Electric Shock Football stag do where you and the lads will be playing a traditional 5 a side game with a twist. You will all be wired up to shock devices that are controlled by the opposite team, evil…. but hilarious.


A stag weekend is about having a laugh with the lads and making some memories and that’s exactly what you will do with the Bubble Football stag do, it is a brilliant way to enjoy some football with a unique twist that won’t shock you (literally!) and because of this we are sure that nobody will be able to resist!

Explore the City

This activity is built for the stags who want to enjoy exploring their chosen city at the same time as enjoying a pint or two. With the Smartphone Pub Treasure Huntyou and the lads will have the chance to complete fun challenges and pub trivia questions whilst having a social drink on route of your hunt!

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