The Craziest Stag Do Ideas in Europe

For the stag weekend you want to make sure it is out of this world, so really what you need is some of the craziest stag do ideas in Europe!

Sometimes it can be hard finding out exactly what is out there but luckily for you we have put together some of the craziest all in one place for you to have a browse through!

And if you still haven’t found exactly what you are looking for then make sure to look through all of the stag do locations we have around Europe and look at all the activities that each city can offer. Trust us you are bound to find something to suit your craziness!

Stag Arrest Stag Do

Stag Arrest

One of the classic pranks on the stag weekend, and a way to totally stitch the stag up. The Stag Arrest Stag Do in Amsterdam is an all-rounder. Watch his face completely change colour as your sexy police officer arrives at your chosen location to give him the shock of his life.

Although in the end it will probably be the best arrest he has ever or will ever have due to the cheeky strip show performed at the end.

Roly Poly Stripper Stag Do

Roly Poly Stripper

If you are really after stitching the stag up, then why not go for a larger than life prank. And by larger…we mean larger. Think sweaty rather than sexy with the Roly Poly Stripper Stag Do in Amsterdam, it will definitely be the craziest thing he witnesses during the stag weekend and probably something you will all never be able to unsee. But all in all it is a great way to get you all laughing.

Sky Diving Stag Do

Sky Diving

A thrilling and totally crazy activity that you have to include into your weekend would be the Sky Diving Stag Do in Prague. Jump into married life the right way and get ready to face your fears and get the ultimate rush of your lives. And if you can keep your eyes open you will be able to take in some amazing views of Prague from hundreds of miles up in the air!

AK-47, UZI & Shotgun Shooting Stag Do

AK-47, UZI & Shotgun Shooting

Nothing says crazy quite like using some firearms so bring out your adrenalin side with the AK-47, UZI & Shotgun Shooting Stag Do in Prague! you will have the chance to enjoy some iconic firearms in an amazing shooting range, the ultimate lad’s day out right? You will all get 35 bullets each along with a round of beers to enjoy.

Bungee Jumping Stag Do

Bungee Jumping

Now this activity is for the crazy stags out there, the ones who call themselves adrenaline junkies. If you are that type of group, then the Bungee Jumping Stag Do in Prague will be perfect for you. This 7 second freefall from a 62m bridge is calling your name so what are you waiting for. Experience what this beautiful city has to offer in the craziest way with all of the lads

Need some more stag do ideas? As well as this short and sweet list, we also over hundreds of other stag do activities across varying European cities to suit every kind of stag. If you need that extra bit of help, give our events managers a call and use there expertise to create an epic last night of freedom.

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