The Best Vloggers When Wedding Planning

The Best Wedding Vloggers

Planning your wedding can be quite daunting. So looking for advice & guidance can be of some use.

Over the past few years, YouTube has become one of the most popular social platforms for many reasons.

Music videos and film trailers are always released on there but now there are so many 'You Tubers' out there who also make videos. And these videos are anything from doing their make up to vlogging their day even a video on what food they eat!

And amongst all of these you have You Tubers who will document their planning process from getting engaged to the wedding day!

So we think some of these You Tubers and Bloggers we’ve put together you’re going to love!

Whilst enjoying your planning you can watch and gain tips and tricks to help you along the way along with some general wedding inspiration.

We’re sure it will also make you feel normal seeing what others have also gone through.

Lydia Elise Millen

First up is fashion and fitness blogger Lydia, she also has a YouTube channel which she regularly uploads fashion/fitness related weekly vlogs and style guides.

This channel should be your go to if you’re interested in fashion and all the different trends throughout each season.

Lydia has documented her whole wedding experience from the secret proposal recorded by fiancé to wedding dress shopping (in the most amazing dress shops in London!)

Whatever Lydia does she really makes you feel like you’re there experiencing it all with her.   

Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria is a fashion styling graduate who started a Blog and YouTube channel on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Samantha does weekly videos and blog posts on her monthly favourites, fashion hauls and look books and the occasional travel diary.

Regarding Samantha’s wedding journey, she documented most of her advice, tips and tricks through Q&A style videos which were very honest and real.

She even included the must have wedding app she used ‘WedHappy’ which is an online to do list which helped her through her whole process!

Samantha went for a boho sheek style which looked amazing and was all captured beautifully by PaperTwin who are a wedding videographer company which was highly recommended.

So if you are like Samantha and want a boho sheek style then her videos will be the perfect wedding inspiration.

Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson is a YouTuber who describes herself as ‘creating videos to please the less ordinary.’

But it’s in fact her ‘less ordinary’ style of vlogging and wacky personality that makes you love her more! Personal Style, Hair, Lifestyle and music are the topic of most of Helen’s videos.

Newly wed Helen really gets you involved in anything and everything she does whether it’s her perfect day of shopping to her wedding week of chaos to even her pugs outfit!

Not only this but Helen documents her whole Hen Do trip to Paris which looked amazing with all of the hen party ideas involved!!

Helens barn boho style wedding was also captured by the talented PaperTwin who made a beautiful video for Helen.

Bride De Force

Bride De Force is of course the well-known Fleur De Force.

And yes she documented her wedding on her channel but she also went above and beyond by creating a channel dedicated only to weddings with her sister.

Fleur posts about everything makeup and fashion and also a bit of lifestyle on her blog.

Her Bride De Force channel is like an online wedding planner and has everything and anything with too many to count DIY’s for things like save the dates and hangover kits.

Also the best make up bits perfect for weddings. You could probably think of this channel more as a video style everything weddings blog!

Ebony Day Vlogs

Ebony Day is a 24-year-old bride-to-be YouTube singer/song writer and blogger who has been documenting her and her fiancés life for over 1 year now!

They are a very real couple who document everything showing that no relationship is perfect.

They’ve got a joint vlog channel called Our Tiny Tribe and share their days through baby news to wedding stress and also openly keep you in the loop with planning.

Laura Bradshaw

Laura Bradshaw is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle YouTube Channel and blog.

Recently wed Laura has loads of weddings tricks, hacks and advice she’s learnt from her experience and luckily for you she’s been kind enough to share it all.

As well as that wedding advice there’s also style advice from hair to make up even the honeymoon!

Her videos will definitely help de stress you from your hectic planning especially with her tips and tricks to use throughout the prep and lead up to the big day!

And she is great if you are after that much needed wedding inspiration.

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