The Best Wedding Morning Gifts for your Bride

The Best Wedding Morning Gifts For Your Bride

Right gents, so you’ve got away with having little input into the actual planning of the wedding or perhaps for some of you, you simply had no other choice but to stay well out of it!  One thing that will be expected of you though, is to buy a token gift to be delivered to your bride (usually by your best man) in the early hours of your big day. Up to now you may have been focusing more on the ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ that is sure to take place on your wedding night (I hate to tell you this but you probably need to research some advice into this too!) but for your lucky lady emphasis is being placed on the wedding morning.

Yes the stag do is important but dont forget the main event. Tell the stag to have a read of this.

It can be hard to get right. You need to be original, romantic, unique, fun, cute, exciting… all at the same time! However, ideally for you we’ve done some digging and come up with a shortlist of ideas for the best wedding morning gifts for your bride! Here's a few tips on how to include children in a marriage service too.

Love Box

Don’t get yourself too worked up, not that sort of love box. More the soppy and frankly tear-jerking kind(don’t worry, an emotional reaction is what you’re after!) Just as the guys over at suggest – get the brides closest family and friends to write her a letter and contribute photographs for you to compile together. Letters don’t need to be essays but simply offering their advice and support, whilst showing their love and affection for her. If you’re having your hair and make-up done for as long as an actor cast as a white-walker in Game of Thrones, you’re going to want something more than Instagram to keep you entertained!

Have a laugh before the wedding with some mother in law jokes and wedding jokes!

Brief Encounter

That is lingerie or negligee. This has to be pulled off perfectly (excuse the pun) – thou shall know her size, thou shall know her style preferences, thou shall know her taste and thou shall make known this underwear is not to replace the set that she spent months choosing as well as driving a four hour round trip to purchase it. It’s important she feels sexy and comfortable in what you choose so you can reap the benefits! Be bold and write an accompanying note saying ‘I can’t wait to see you in this’. Agent Provocateur do an amazing collection of bridal lingerie which is sure not to disappoint both of you. And between me and you the models are on point.  You could even pick out some swimwear. No, of course, the latest show swimsuit isn’t appropriate for a safari trek in Kenya – but if you’re opting to jet off somewhere hot, she can wear it on your honeymoon.


Get Personal

Let’s face it, you’re going to be grinning from ear to ear when you finally say I do. Happiness factor here could be on par with England winning the world cup – and probably a situation you thought equally as likely you would be lucky enough to experience. When she takes your last name, it all gets a whole lot more real. But it’s a fantastic feeling, so to show how proud you are to make her Mrs *insert surname here* buy her something perso­nalised. Slippers, clothes, phone cases, tote bags - its easy stuff to get your hands on (we wish the Mrs was like that!) A quick Google search will bring you a whole lot of choice. But we recommend Zazzle and their Mrs Custom Bride Shirt. There’s nothing like marking your territory by writing your name on it!


Golden Discovery

Did you meet whilst Usher’s ‘DJ’s Got Us Falling in Love’ was playing? Perhaps you bonded over your mutual but very secret love of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ (yes that bloke from Moulin Rouge murdered it and what on earth of Ellie Goulding thinking?) Whether it’s romantic, cheesy or downright obscure – there is always a tune which brings the two of you together. When you hear it, you think of her with a smile and perhaps let out a little giggle…. Woah, stop there. We think something like this First Dance Gold Disc from Getting Personal is an ingenious idea for a wedding morning gift. It’s something for the bride, but for both of you and your home together. Albeit you may campaign to hang it in the downstairs loo rather than proudly above your mantelpiece.


Diamond Geezer

We’re not talking about morphing it Del Boy or Danny Dyer(that would just make you a dodgy geezer now wouldn’t it?) We’re talking about buying some totally legit, beautifully sparkly and totally overpriced bits of rock. It’s true what they say about diamonds being a girl’s best friend.  Women are like magpies and the rule goes its ‘two for joy’ so we reckon earrings are your best bet. Like her bra and panties, she will have already organised what jewellery she will be wearing on the day (and we’re told necklaces are very specific to the neckline of the wedding dress). Earrings, however, could have a possibility of being worn on your day or, if she already has those sorted she can wear them during the honeymoon. Liberty in Love have some great little options including some classic pearl drop numbers.


Hope this has help, but if you still need more assistance regarding all the wedding duties take a look at our best man guide here.

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