How to Maintain a Stag Do Budget

Best Ways to Budget on the Stag Do

If you’ve been tasked with organising and planning the stag do, then you might run into a few obstacles when it comes to money…

You might have decided what sort of stag do you want to arrange for the groom-to-be when it comes to activities, but who’s going to pay for it all? With the average cost of a stag do constantly rising, we’ve written a useful list with some top tips for managing your stag do budget!

What Are the Essentials of Stag Do Budgeting?

Whether you’re staying in your hometown, travelling to another UK city or jetting off across the globe, these three points are the most important to consider when working out your stag do budget:

Stag Do Activities

Probably the most important thing to remember is the stag do activities! This is the glue that binds the stag do together and should be at the top of your priority list. Traditi­onally, the stag do organiser and the rest of the lads are expected to chip in and help pay for the whole event as a thank you to the groom for the wedding invite.

Once you’ve figured out how your stag do is going to pan out (if you’re stuck for ideas, get some inspiration from the huge range of stag do activities we have to offer!), we would recommend booking your activities as soon as possible. Not only will this secure your booking early, but you might even save yourself a few pennies in the long run too.

Stag Weekend Accom­moda­tion

If you’re heading to another city for your celebrations or even considering a stag do abroad, you’re going to need to arrange where everybody is going to sleep. Depending on the group’s preferences, this could be a tricky part of the planning process to work out. However, if you know that you and the lads are going to be spending all of your time away from your accom­moda­tion, then going for the standard or budget option is a good idea!

This, in turn, will save you a bit of money to put towards activities or the night out. We offer accom­moda­tion in a host of cities across the UK ranging from budget hotel rooms to studio apartments. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of accom­moda­tion we offer, take a look at our stag do accom­moda­tion in Leeds.


This can be a bit of a tricky one to work out as each member of the group will have different preferences and tolerances when it comes to partying and drinking! With the stag worrying about wedding planning above anything else, you can make sure he has a stress-free evening by arranging a pot of money to pay for his drinks all night.

If you ask each of the lads to contribute a small amount to the fund then nobody will be left severely out of pocket. Deciding what to do for your night out is totally up to you… so consider taking a look at some of the amazing stag do nightlife activities we have to offer you across the UK!

What Are the Additional Stag Do Costs?

With all of that said, there’s a few more costs that will need to be considered once you’ve got the essentials sorted. Rather than having the sole respon­sibility placed on yourself, these additional costs should be the focus of the rest of the lads in the group, as each will vary from person to person:

1. Travel

This can vary massively depending on where you plan to celebrate the groom’s last night of freedom! For example, if you’re staying local, the only travel costs you’ll likely worry about is taxis to-and-from your activities or on the night out… whereas if you plan on travelling further afield for a stag do abroad, you’ll have to take flights, airport transfers, trains, car hire and coach costs into consi­dera­tion depending on what you need.

Still unsure about where to head to for the big celeb­ra­tions? We cover a large number of stag do locations across the UK and Europe that could potentially be the place you have your unfor­get­table pre-wedding celeb­ra­tions!

2. Food

This may seem like an obvious one… but it’s an easy thing to forget when you’re partying hard! There’s a couple of ways you can tackle the food situation. If you want to be prepared (and less stressed), we suggest booking at least one meal throughout the stag weekend. There’s plenty of budget-friendly restaurants you can look into depending on how much you want to spend.

On top of that, make sure you have access to food in general. If you’re heading to a city in the UK, this is pretty easy as there’s a McDonalds on every corner! However, if you’re going overseas, it’s wise to make sure there’s food within walking distance. The last thing you want is to be hungry and hungover! To avoid all disap­po­in­tment, just buy loads of snacks at the airport to stock up the hotel/­apartment.

3. Travel Protection

This might seem boring but getting travel insurance and making sure you’re protecting is really important. Especially on a stag do, you never know what might happen with a group of lads abroad. Initially, double check the companies you book EVERYTHING with are ABTA bonded. Funktion Events are an ABTA bonded partner, which means your money is safe with strict guidelines.

Try your best to advise all the lads on travel insurance. That means that if your phone gets stolen or you have an accident, you don’t need to worry about cash until you get home. Lastly, read up a little on the destination you’re heading to. If the location is known for pickpockets its good to be weary, and if you have a balcony make sure you’re clued up on balcony safety.

3. Extras

You’ll be surprised by how much the little extras that make a stag weekend memorable add-up! Before you set your heart on a hundred different elements, take note of each extra that will cost you.

Theme – if you’re having a themed stag party, calculate how much the fancy dress, decorations and props will cost you. Is it worth all the fuss and pennies?

Games – We believe stag do games are vital for any downtime you might have. Rather than forking out for games, see our free printable stag do games to save.

Stag Do Accessories – If you’re on the hunt for some embarrassing extras for the groom to be, you might want to split the cost of that mankini between the lads.

Now that you have some idea on how to manage your budget, you should start planning and organising your unfor­get­table stag do by checking out what kind of stag do activities we have to offer!

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