Budgeting: Best Ways

The Best Ways to BudgetAlright, it’s about time we addressed the least fun part of stag do planning: managing the budget. Don’t worry though, it’s not as bad as you may think. These are the best ways to budget your stag do for an epic last night of freedom which doesn’t cost the Earth.

First off, it’s important to realise that there’s no minimal amount you need to spend for a good stag. As long as you’re doing everything you want do that the budget will allow then there’s no need to overspend.

There’s 3 key parts of a stag do you’re going to want to focus your budget on: activities, accom­moda­tion and nightlife. Further costs will differ for individual members, including travel, food, insurance and any extras like fancy dress and so on.

If you want to save yourself some money and make organisation a piece of cake, then your best bet is to opt for one of our many amazing stag do packages. Just choose an activity and location and just like that you’ll have booked yourself a fantastic weekend away. You’ll get accom­moda­tion for everyone in hotels including Jurys Inn, Premier Inn, Holiday Inn and Ramada Hotels. All these hotels are located slap bang in the city centre so there’ll be plenty of bars and clubs within walking distance. Not to mention you’ll get nightclub entry included so you can skip the queues! Our packages are available all across the UK and can have you doing anything from Go Karting to Life Drawing.

The Best Ways To Budget StagIf you like the idea of a hassle free booking but still want to fine tune your stag do experience then the My Events VIP Area may be useful to you. (Of course, you can still use it with a stag do package as well.) With the My Events VIP Area you can send out online invites, clearly confirm attendance and make use of individual payments, which makes figuring out who owes what much easier and makes budgeting a breeze. There’s a group email feature and a live chat to make commu­nica­tion easy. There’s even some cool extra stuff like personalised group names, welcome messages and a countdown clock.

These features of our website are definitely some of the best ways to budget your stag do. If you haven’t already you can see a wide range of awesome and affordable activities on our site. You can enquire about your stag online or over the phone on 0161 341 0052.

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