The Best Place For a Stag? Nottingham!

The Best Place For a Stag? The Forest, Of CourseThe Stag Night. An ancient tradition that has gone through many stag(e)s but it always about one thing at its heart adventure. Just like the mighty antlered beast, you want to run wild through the forest for one last time as an unmarried bloke, with your very best friends along for the ride and with Funktion Events doing all the planning for you, it's guaranteed you will have the rampage of your life, whatever your style.

Trending Stag Do Activities in Nottingham

Seeing as we are talking about forests, it seems like a good idea to start our Gazetteer, which will be published over the coming weeks, in the historic city of Nottingham, famous of course for Sherwood Forest. This is where the notorious, perhaps legendary, Robin Hood and his Merrie Men had their HQ, visited often by the fair Maid Marian who, by all accounts, was rather partial to the jewellery and other riches that Mr Hood would routinely arrive home with. Sensing a good idea for a theme yet?

One great thing about Nottingham is its central location in the heart of the Midlands, it's a perfect meeting point city for a stag do if your mates are dotted up and down the country. There are loads of places to top up on the traditional fuel of stag nights 'lager' plus some amazing restaurants hidden away for those who care to find them. And, when you add in one of the many available activities from Funktion Events, you're guaranteed an unforgettable unmarried night out with a clean, warm and comfy hotel bed to crash out in afterwards. Breakfast at 8am if you can face it!

Some of the activities you could be enjoying at your stag do in Nottingham include:

The Best Place For a Stag? The Forest, Of CourseExtreme Assault Course

Team up to get all the way around but make sure you shine and show your mates how it's done on one of our Extreme Assault Course adventures. You'll get all the gear and safety briefings you need before heading out - marriage is reckoned to be around sixteen times tougher than the extreme assault course and you don't get a briefing so look at this as good practice.


Why not try to see the beautiful Game from a completely new viewpoint with a Football activity from Funktion Events? Whether you choose to play inside a giant Zorb, on a specially designed golf course or wearing giddy goggles, you'll never look at football the same way again.
For the diehard traditi­ona­lists, there's also a 5-a-side option.

Food & Drunk (oops, we mean drink! Hic!)

Satisfy that bloke appetite with some cracking cuisine. Try your hand at Pizza Making, test your stomach's limits in the Man-VS-Food Burger Challenge, hire your very own Cocktail Bartender or even learn the art of mixology for yourself with one of our tasty treats.

There's loads more ideas for Stag Dos in Nottingham in our dedicated 'Cities' section - so go there and start letting us do the organising for you!

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