The Best Man Speech Guide

The Best Man Speech

You’re here because you’ve received the honour of being best man – congra­tula­tions!

Of course, along with this amazing honour, you have the respon­sibility of not only planning a wild stag do, but you must produce a captivating and hilarious speech for the wedding day.

We have put together a quick guide that is aimed to provide structure, joke ideas, the do’s and don’ts of the best man speech that will put you at ease and make you feel more confident!

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The Best Man Speech - What Makes a Great Speech?

What Makes a Great Speech?

  • Humour
  • Heartfelt words
  • A bit of banter


Rules to Follow

  1. No more than 1,000 words – equates to about 7 minutes
  2. Needs humour but not too much
  3. Only use one reminiscence or anecdote
  4. Mix humour and friendly digs towards the groom
  5. Complement the bride
  6. Do NOT swear
  7. Try to memorise your opening line
  8. Speak loudly and slowly
  9. Make the last thing you say memorable

If you need more help planning here is our stag do checklist!

The Best Man Speech - Types of Speeches

Types of Speeches


  • Grabs the audience's attention
  • Be fondly remembered for years to come


  • Full of the gags and one-liners
  • Usually centre on topics that would usually be serious or a bit taboo


  • Make sure you and the groom are close enough
  • Don’t expect to be on the good side of the groom after the speech

Poking Fun

  • Good for sneaking some light laughs into your speech
  • A good gentle but fun option


  • Acceptable to shove even more digs and jokes in
  • Usually an advantage


  • Easy on the laughs and the fun
  • Praises the groom and the bride

The Best Man Speech - Opening Line

The Opening Line

Even the shortest speech needs a cracking opening line. This is the opportunity to get everybody’s attention and the best way to do that is with some humour.

The Best Man Speech - Introducing Yourself

Introducing Yourself

  • Humorous Introduction
  • Sincere Introduction
  • Edgy Introduction
  • Alternative Introduction

The Best Man Speech - Relation to the Groom

Relation to the Groom

Make known who you are and your relationship with the groom – perfect opportunity for banter, roasting and explaining why you love ‘em.

The Best Man Speech - Friendship Reminisces

Friendship Reminisces

The essential part of your speech should be best handled using heartfelt remarks alongside a dribble of humour.

Things to consider mentioning:

  • How you met
  • How long you’ve known each other
  • Being great mates
  • Your first impressions
  • Reaction to when he proposed
  • Your favourite memory
  • Funniest moment

The Best Man Speech - The Praise

The Praise

Pay tribute to the star of the show, the obvious stuff to mention is:

  • What a great friend he is and why
  • How honoured you are to be Best Man
  • How delighted you are for the Groom
  • Pledge your support to the Groom
  • Some meaningful words
  • How the Groom inspires you?
  • Explain why the Groom will be good husband material

The Best Man Speech - The Roast

The Roast

There are a few key ingredients you need to serve up the perfect roast:

  • Ingredient 1 – Personality Trait
  • Ingredient 2 – Appearance
  • Ingredient 3 – Hobbies
  • Ingredient 4 – Career

The Best Man Speech - Add a Joke

Add a Joke

Make sure the next section is humorous, perhaps talk about:

  • Honour of being the Best Man
  • Preparing the speech
  • Cost of the wedding
  • The stag do
  • Best Man duties
  • Anxious moments

The Best Man Speech - Compliment the Bride

Compliment the Bride

The Bride is equally the biggest part of the day as the groom and deserves at least a mention.

There are a few things that can be said:

  • Admiration for the Bride
  • Bride’s qualities
  • Groom’s happiness
  • Like to know her better
  • Recognising Bride’s efforts
  • Bride’s bettered the Groom

The Best Man Speech - Compliment the Couple

Compliment the Couple

Once you have praised and complimented them separately it is important that you compliment them as a couple.

The Best Man Speech - Closing Lines

Closing Lines

Sentimental – Express 1 or 2 of the following:

  • Your belief in their marriage
  • Your own hopes in the marriage
  • Sum up the day
  • Your place in their lives now
  • Your congra­tula­tions
  • Your best wishes
  • Wise words for the future


  • Amusing presents
  • Jokes about the Honeymoon
  • Wedding costs

The Best Man Speech - Thank You's

Thank You's

You’ll need to talk about the following topics:

  • The honour of being chosen to be the Best Man

  • For being involved in the wedding personally
  • To all the contributors of the wedding
  • To the guests for attending and all the gifts they’ve brought along

The Best Man Speech - Toasts


There are a few ways to toast the newlyweds:

  • Humorous

  • Traditional
  • Poem
  • Wish towards the couple’s future

The Best Man Speech - EXTRAS

Extras to Consider

Humour Types:

  • Aggressive

  • Affiliative
  • Surreal
  • Self-enhancing/­depreciating

Speech for Brothers

When your brother asks you to be the best man at his wedding, it means one of two things (or two of two things).

First, he can't choose between his mates and second, you now have the chance to make up for all the terrible feuds from your childhood.

Few suggestions on how to create a brother’s best man speech:

  • Situation jokes
  • Unique insights
  • Don’t forget the Bride


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