Duties Every Best Man Should Know

The Best Man Duties

Wedding season is well under way, and if it’s your first time being best man you might be in panic mode about what sort of duties the role entails. Well fear no more! To give you some peace of mind, we’ve rounded up the best man duties that you 100% need to know and partake in so you can get the ball rolling with all this wedding stuff. Sit back, relax and have a read at the best man duties that come with having a best mate that’s getting hitched.

1. Wedding Planning

Don’t freak out just yet, the wedding planning is near enough nothing to do with you – no stressful invite emails for you! However, throughout the wedding planning process it’s your duty to be available whenever possible. When your mate needs you to help him round up the ushers for suit shopping, give him a helping hand and get the guys into gear. Is he struggling with how to nail his vows? Have a few beers and bounce ideas off each other to make his life a little easier. All the little things you do will help the groom to be relax while the rest of his life is totally hectic.

2. The Stag Party

Organising your pals last night of freedom is possibly the most fun of the best man duties there is. With so much choice available for stag do activities, it can get a bit overwhelming to pick the best things to do for you and the group. To make life a bunch easier, make sure you have a stag do planning checklist on hand so you don’t forget any of the important stuff.

When it comes to experiences, try picking a path you want to go down first. Do you want a classic booze up in your local pub? A crazy night out in the groom’s favourite city? Or maybe a kickass, adrenaline pumping weekend in the middle of nowhere. Whatever the case, consider using a party planner to help you with all the nitty gritty stuff. You can even use them to build your own stag package from scratch, and then have the rest organised for you.

3. On the Day

Above all the best man duties, you need to be a calm head amongst a lot of nerves when it gets to the day of the wedding. Kick off the big day by helping the groom get ready, fixing his tie and keeping his mind at ease so he skips any of those cold feet feelings. You’ll also need to keep the rings safe and sound (really important, obviously), and make sure all the other ushers know their places in the ceremony. Last but by no means least, the best man speech. When it comes to the speech, make sure you keep it personal, light-hearted and heavily focused on the bride and groom on their special day.

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