15 of The Best Hamburg Attractions

The Best Hamburg Attractions

When in Hamburg, it seems only fair to make the most of your time with all the best attractions around the city. But where do you start?

To help you start the stag weekend on the right foot, we’ve rounded up all the very best Hamburg attractions that you can squeeze in between all the activities you’ve got booked. From daytime fun to nightlife like nothing else, make your visit to Germany stand out with 15 top things to do in Hamburg.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Reeperbahn

1. Reeperbahn - Hamburg's Red Light District

Top of the list, Reeperbahn has earned it’s pride of place for rivalling the likes of Amsterdam and Prague. Known as the nightlife mile, it’s where a lot of groups spend their time after dark – and with good reason. Reeperbahn has an excellent balance of crude, sex and iconic venues. You’ll find this area inside the vibrant St Pauli district, and you’ll need more than a night to get around all the great bars, strip clubs, clubs and restaurants that’s for sure!

The Best Hamburg Attractions - St Pauli

2. St Pauli District 

One of the most popular places to visit for tourist, St Paul shows the crazy under belly of Hamburg. Featuring the stunning Harbour, St Pauli football and the previously mentioned Reeperbahn. It’s loud, it’s colourful and it’s a little bit risqué – perfect if you’re looking for a trip that stands out from the rest. St Pauli mainly comes alive in the evening, with many restaurants and bars opening there doors and spilling out into the streets. This area also holds many festivals throughout the year like Schlagermove parade, so make sure you check the calendar. Check out all of the amazing hotels in Hamburg that you will love for during your stay.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - International Maritime Museum

3. International Maritime Museum

For a splash of culture and history, the impressive International Maritime Museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum has a whole host of interesting exhibitions, but mainly houses Peter Tamm’s massive collection of model ships and construction work. With over 40,000 pieces to feast your eyes upon, you could spend a quiet few hours or a whole day exploring the huge venue. You’ll find the International Maritime Museum (IMM) in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, and enjoy the exhibitions until 6pm.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Kunsthalle


4. Kunsthalle Hamburg Gallery

Any art lovers out there? If you’re on the search for your daily dose of artistic inspiration while in Hamburg, look no further than Kunsthalle Gallery. Historians believe this magnificent piece of architecture was originally built in the 1850s, and still stands with sections added on for more art and sculptures to be held. This museum/gallery is one of the largest in the whole country, and found near the Alster in three separate buildings for more exploration of art.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Platen un Blomen

5. Planten un Blomen

You can have a plan without a plan when visiting Planten un Blomen. This massive green space in Hamburg is home to a multitude of fun Hamburg attractions to visit. Just by itself, Planten un Blomen is a beautiful park that many locals and tourists come to relax – especially if the sun is shining. There’s also several botanical gardens dotted around the 47 hectares of greenery. And if all that wasn’t enough for a full day out, you can always treat yourself with a visit to the includes several botanical gardens inside and the Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo. Have a browse through all of the best bars in Hamburg for during your stay.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Harbour Boat Tours

6. Harbour Boat Tours

Did you know, Hamburg has more canals than both Amsterdam and Venice combined? We didn’t believe it either, but it’s true! The veins of water running through Hamburg create a ridiculous amount of pretty bridges, as well as cool boat tours from the Harbour. Slip a relaxing boat tour into your weekend away and enjoy a different view of Hamburg. From the ever-popular Evening Illumination Cruise to the Elbphilharmonie Tour.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - St Michael's Church

7. St Michael's Church

St Michael’s Church has had to withstand a lot in it’s past, from a strike of lightening in the 1800’s to World War 2 and everything in between. However, this beautiful structure has been well-preserved and regenerated so you can visit it for the views! Get an unmatched scene of the whole of Hamburg from the highest point in the city centre. Take a guided tour inside and learn about the history, or just see if you can spot the tall spike from anywhere in Hamburg.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Hamburg Rathaus (Town Hall)

8. Hamburg Rathaus

There’s no better place to learn a ton of juicy facts and figures about Hamburg (and Germany as a whole) than at the Townhall. Hamburg’s Rathaus is the city hall to the local government, but more importantly it’s a hugely impressive building on the outside and in. The building was constructed in 1886, and you can learn all about it in detail from guided tours, exhibitions of artefacts or just admiring the outside of the massive marvel.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Chocoversum Chocolate Museum

9. Chocoversum Chocolate Museum

We’re going to confidently put it out there – everyone likes chocolate. Everyone likes to indulge every once in a while, so why not see where and how that globally enjoyed sweet treat is formed? The Chocoversum Chocolate Museum is exactly how you would expect. The museum is grand and inside you’ll find English-speaking guides ready to take you on the journey of creating chocolate. Meet expert chocolatiers and even create your own chocolate from scratch with different ingredients. What’s a better memento of your trip than a piece of your own hand-crafter chocolate?

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Dialogue in the Dark

10. Dialogue in the Dark

If you’re looking to jump completely outside of your comfort zone, there’s nowhere quite like Dialogue in the Dark. Technically classed as an interactive museum, it’s more like a unique experience that will change your perspective of life as you know it. Come inside and have your senses snatched away from you, experience blindness and silence, plus the effects of time as if you’re aging. Experimental and definitely one of a kind, you’ll leave with a new lease of life!

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

11. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

If you’re strolling around the city centre of Hamburg, it’s definitely worth dropping into the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. A mouthful to say the least, this museum is all about fine arts and decorative pieces mainly from around Germany. The museum takes absolute pride in the creative side of the country and city, and you can learn in depth about the place you’re visiting for your short stay. The entrance fee is a measly 12 Euros on average, and definitely worth it even for just an hour or two.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Kampnagel

12. Kampnagel

It’s true that there are plenty of bars and clubs to enjoy when the sun goes down, but what if you’re not a massive party-goer? The clear answer is a trip to Kampnagel. A theatre that’s iconic for it’s performing arts, instead of spending your euros on drinks why not catch a moving show or hilarious stand-up night? The Kampnagel theatre always has something going on throughout the year, and we highly suggest you check the calendar for when you’ll be in Hamburg to see if anything peaks your interest.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Nikolaifleet

13. Nikolaifleet - Hamburg's Prettiest Canal

Although not strictly something you can do in Hamburg, we couldn’t create a list of the best Hamburg attractions without mentioning Nikolaifleet. Known as the prettiest canal in the whole of Hamburg, if you’re looking for a place to snap a great Instagram pic this is the perfect spot. Take a stroll around the jaw-dropping houses that flag each side of the canal, cross the multiple bridges that weave in and out and see what the Hamburg way of living is like right on the waters.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Elbphilharmonie

14. Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall

One of the newest additions to the best Hamburg attractions list, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall is an amazing piece of architecture. A building that you will remember for a long time, the concert hall opened it’s doors in 2017 directly next to Hamburg Harbour. Outside, the walls are shiny silver with an indented pattern like no other. Inside, you can find a jam-packed calendar full of shows, concerts and performances. If you’re a big live music lover, a trip to the Elbphilharmonie is a treat for the eyes and the ears.

The Best Hamburg Attractions - Schnurstracks Kletterpark Hamburg-Sachsenwald

15. Schnurstracks Kletterpark Hamburg-Sachsenwald

A lot of the additions on this list are great architecture, art and performance. But what’s in Hamburg for all the adrenaline junkie’s paying a visit for the weekend? May we present Hamburg-Sachsenwald! At it’s base, this activity centre hidden on the outskirts of the city is a climbing park where you will be able to bring out your inner ape for an unbelievable experience.

If you’re stuck when planning the stag do in Hamburg, let us come to your rescue! Choose from dozens of lad-friendly activities and experiences. All our choices are guaranteed to make the stag do abroad one to remember.

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