The Biggest Birthday Bash Bundles!

In party-planning mood, our brains start to produce strong alpha waves and it’s been scien­ti­fic­ally proven in a study that I made up that our decision-making skills often go a bit wobbly. We start to get irritated if anyone dares to use the word ‘or’ when referring to our party ‘options’...

A few minutes more and we forget that ‘or’ ever existed and get caught up in trying to create the party to end all parties which is basically ten different parties happening in the same place. Try and please everybody and you’ll please nobody. Only aim to please yourself and all of a sudden you’re selfish and nobody will want to come anyway because all you’ll do is sit taking selfish selfies all night. And organising all that will take time and money that you could be spending on doing better things. Damn social etiquette! If only there were a way round this…

Yoohoo! We are your way round this dilemma and indeed any other dilemma you may have. Well, any dilemma that can be resolved with a party anyway.Our bonzer birthday bundles are designed to be flexible, with regularly changing included events, a price structure that’s clear, fair, and clearly fair, the experience and knowledge of our expert party planners making everything a success and another year added to your age. It all balances out.

The cost is, as always with Funktion Events, your first bit of good news: consider it our birthday gift to you. For just 52 of each person’s party pounds, your group will be treated to your choice of two from a selection of activities; the packages are always changing so you can get a bit, or a lot, of what you fancy.

And it’s YOUR party. So cry if you want to. But as it has been a textbook-perfect bash, you're going to look really spoiled, kind of like My Super Sweet 16. You certainly won't have any reason to complain about the Funktion service, which is considerate, accurate and professional in equal measure.

Check out our current Two Birthday Party Activities ONLY £52pp!

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