The Amsterdam Stag Do Guide

The Amsterdam Hen Party Guide

Why Celebrate in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the place to go with the lads for a weekend where you take complete mayhem to the next level.

Amsterdam is known as the city of sin which is why it attracts so many stags who are up to no good, or just the stags who are up for a good time. And trust us when we say there is a lot more to an Amsterdam stag do than the red lights and the coffee shops although we’re sure you will be spending some time in both. This city actually has so many different things to visit and is a great place to go if you’re after making some amazing memories.

But let’s be honest, people go to Amsterdam to experience everything, the top class beer, world renowned strip shows and the legal highs in the corner coffee shops. No matter what you lads are in to these Amsterdam stag do ideas are a great way to give the groom a send-off that he will never forget!

Top Sight-Seeing Spots:

  • Bulldog Cafe
  • Rijkmuseum
  • Heineken Experience

  • De Gooyer Windmill

  • Vondelpark

Guide to Amsterdam Nightlife

The Amsterdam Stag Do Guide - Nightlife

An Amsterdam stag do wouldn’t be complete unless you had experienced all that there is to offer when it comes to the nightlife. Whether you have some Amsterdam stag activities in the evening or just want to break up the day from the night then a trip around a few bars and clubs would never go a miss. Whether you’re after a few coffee shops or you want to party hard with all the locals you’ll never be far away from something of interest. There are 2 main areas of Amsterdam for nightlife, Leidseplein and Rembra­ndtplein, they are where you will find some of the best and the biggest clubs along with the big name cafes and everything in between.


Leidseplein is a great place to explore during your Amsterdam stag do and this area will provide a unique and wonderful night for you and the lads. Here is where you will find all of the bars, pubs and cafes that will most likely always be open until around 5am in the morning! The streets are packed full of locals and tourists all looking for a good time so wherever you go for the night out on the stag weekend in Amsterdam you’ll have a time like no other.

Top Bars/Clubs:


Rembra­ndtplein is considered as the centre of Amsterdam’s nightlife, it is a real hotspot that you and the lads need to explore during your stag weekend in Amsterdam. And since this area is home to many of the city’s most popular clubs and bars so whether you’re after somewhere to dance the night away or just somewhere with great music you will find it here.

Top Bars/Clubs:

Amsterdam's Food and Drink

The Amsterdam Stag Do Guide - Food

Amsterdam itself doesn’t have any traditional food but there is one thing that is famously known around the city and that particular thing is a Stroopwafel. Wherever you find yourself you can be sure to find a stall or shop that is selling freshly made Stroopwafel and they are definitely the perfect snack to have in between your Amsterdam stag activities. And the street food in Amsterdam is like no other, whether you and the lads are after a waffle a pizza or some churros you’ll for sure find them in a stall on the street. Oh and before we forget, one thing you have to try are the fries that have been voted no 1 in Holland – we have tried and tested them and they definitely are.

And on the restaurant front well, you can find almost anything that you could ever need during your stay from tapas to Indonesian, Mediterranean to Modern Dutch or just a classic Italian or steak house. You’ll be spoilt for choice with all of the amazing places to eat in this city. We can honestly say your bellies will be content with all the food you will encounter during your Amsterdam stag do.

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Explore the City

As soon as the Amsterdam stag do starts you and the lads will be quick to realise how easy it is to make your way around this quaint city. Of course with the help of Google maps and the amazing trams that will take you all over the city. In between all the Amsterdam stag do ideas you have come up with you will be able to get almost anywhere you’d want! Or if you are fitness fanatics why not hire a bike since there are nearly a million within the city, it’s a great way to visit all the sites and get around a lot quicker.

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And obviously you have to explore the countless little side streets that are everywhere in this city, full of independent shops and coffee shops to browse. Whether you want somewhere for a quick bite to eat or to be at one with the locals and try out what the coffee shops have on offer. Obviously you and the lads will be wanting a laugh during your stag but also learn about the city of sin and what better way to do that than exploring the sex museum, at only €5 per person you definitely get a lot of knowledge and an eyeful for your money.

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